Signs of illegal Shawarma: experts tell how to find out the illegal trade in fast food

Signs of illegal Shawarma: experts tell how to find out the illegal trade in fast food



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Chances to get poisoned in the dubious point increase several times.

All poisonous Shawarma in Kiev belongs to one owner, and meat was brought by a single provider. This was stated by the management of the capital of the state service on security products, says the story TSN.19:30.

After the mass poisoning buyers become a little more picky about the basis of the safety of street food, as the availability of sanitary books at sellers and the documents, certifying the origin of meat and other ingredients. The inspectors suggest also to pay attention to the sanitary conditions of work – for example, the presence or absence of water for washing hands, sanitation, and the like. The RAID joins the police and discovers that the tent, which feeds hundreds of tourists, resolution not in order. “The person provided only a copy of the document and information card. It is, but there are certain interference – corrector something smeared” – said a police officer Andrey Savchenko.

Videopoke large-scale poisoning in Kiev started checking the stalls with Shawarma

70 Kiev for a few days poisoned Shawarma is probably infected with Salmonella. Sellers face criminal liability. And the service of food security at the start of a big hunt shurmanov. Today, under the hot hand hit one kiosk.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:30

The seller knows that 70 of Kiev in different districts poisoned Shawarma, but assures that his tent is not going to hurt you. “We are all clear. We showed the paper. It says that we had exterminators – removed all smears, all products. No Salmonella we have,” said Aurel. But trade forced scaling down – temporarily, for testing. “Set, where did this production, date of manufacture, we are unable – due to the fact that there is no marking of manufacturer on the product itself,” explained the experts.

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In Derepressible warn that in Kiev there are more than thousands of small points of sale of Shawarma, but none of them permission for such activities has. “All the places that sell Shawarma in Mafs – they are outside the law. Should be delineated area to not overlap the finished products with raw materials. Should be a few washes for raw materials separately for the dishes separately. These requirements in the Mafs cannot be performed”, – said Alexander Ovcharenko.

The TSN reporter Stanislav Feshchenko

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