The number of victims of poisoning Shawarma in Kiev close to one hundred

The number of victims of poisoning Shawarma in Kiev close to one hundred



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Now in the capital continued monitoring of points of sale of junk food.

In Kiev, due to the use of a Doner kebab from the acute intestinal infection is already affected 93 people.

About it reported in a press-the centre the Chief of Department of capital Gospodarevskaya.

“As 06.08.2018 of operational data of the State institution “Kyiv city laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine” the number of acute intestinal infection is 93 associated with the use of a gyro on the locations: metro Darnitsa, “River Port” at the Poshtova square in the Podil district, Kharkiv M., M. Forest, Prospekt Obolonskyi, 20-A”, – stated in the message.

Videolatina danger: how to protect yourself from food poisoning in the heat

Over the past few days, only in Kyiv Shawarma poisoned 87 people, including 13 children. In Ukraine in General, six months of acute intestinal infections, ill 47 thousand people. The risk of food poisoning increases in summer at high temperatures. TSN gathered a few tips on how to protect yourself and how to escape at the first sign.

TSN. 19:30

4 Aug, 20:07

As noted, in all outlets substandard products delivered single entity, which carried out the implementation of the gyro. Activities are now suspended.

“In connection with the mass poisoning and to prevent cases of acute intestinal infection state Gospodarevskaya in Kiev will be monitoring all outlets for the sale of street food, with specialists from the state service of labor, the Department of national police, the Department of trade and life of the Department of industry and enterprise development. Monitoring will continue until 15 September,” – said in the Department, assuring that in case of violations of sanitary rules and norms to be taken response actions and criminal proceedings.

Videopoke large-scale poisoning in Kiev started checking the stalls with Shawarma

70 Kiev for a few days poisoned Shawarma is probably infected with Salmonella. Sellers face criminal liability. And the service of food security at the start of a big hunt shurmanov. Today, under the hot hand hit one kiosk.

TSN. 19:30

2 Aug, 20:30

We will remind, earlier in Kiev the people massively poisoned Shawarma. Victims have complained that bought a pizza at Brovarsky Avenue. First, the victims of poisoning was 16, later their number increased and exceeded fifty. People poisoned fast food in four different locations of Kiev near the metro station “Darnitsa”, “Forest”, at the Postal square and Obolon. The state foods and consumer service found that all these outlets are owned by a single owner.

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