A new scheme of real estate valuation experts and notaries complain about the shortcomings

A new scheme of real estate valuation experts and notaries complain about the shortcomings



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Consensus regarding the novation is still there.

Modern electronic evaluation system of immovable property is introduced by the state property Fund of Ukraine. Some call her a killer of old corruption schemes, others suspect that it will become a tool for new fraud, says the story TSN.19:30.

Lyudmila Simonova evaluates real estate for many years, so worried, because he believes that the new electronic system could cause a collapse in the property market. In addition, from now on, to enter information into the new database, you need to pay 390 hryvnia, and the money will go not to the state but a private company that serves the new service. Data entered by the appraiser will check specific module, so the new system has made the processing of transactions more expensive. “It’s all raw, unfinished and not working. He must be stopped, the database should be open, everything should be finished, and then to use it all,” – said the expert.

Videojuego to expect from the Ukrainians of the new system of real estate evaluation

The state property Fund of Ukraine has introduced a modern electronic system of evaluation. How much will it cost those who are going to issue the property, will not be whether system tool for new corruption schemes – versed journalists TSN.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:16

The state property Fund explained that he created a new system in order to prevent corruption schemes because very often the seller, buyer and appraiser in the real estate deliberately understated the estimated value, thus evading the payment of tax from the sale of property. Previously, it has not been controlled, reports are not checked, and the state lost billions of hryvnia. The number of such transactions is estimated at one-third of the total number of transactions of purchase and sale. Under the new rules, a report shall be made on the electronic marketplace, the information goes through the module assessed value, the system automatically analyzes the measurements and decides whether the report is a review and whether the notary to make a deal.

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Assessment methodology approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and contains many parameters. Specifically, it examines the area where the housing age of the building, and the like. The appraiser may challenge the findings or request review in the manual mode. Access to the database of state property is free, but to add data to it, do have to pay an electronic platform which we have three, and subsequently expect more than a dozen. The price for the use of the base was changed – it now depends on the appraised value of the property and ranges from 17 to 510 hryvnia.

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Notaries liked the idea, but they also complain about the shortcomings of the electronic system, as the parameters by which a module conducting the evaluation, contradictory, and money for the use of the system now will pay the client, so people will have to “out”. It provokes the suspicion that instead of notarization cases of changes in ownership through the courts or some other way. However, the new electronic system the government plans to earn more than 1.5 billion hryvnias of taxes per year, and untrustworthy users is to make a “black list” and deprivation of license and database access.

The TSN reporter Ivan Vorobyov

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