Getting ready for winter: residents adjacent to the front areas hastily rebuilding their homes

Getting ready for winter: residents adjacent to the front areas hastily rebuilding their homes

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The war in the East

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Economic Affairs have become possible due to a temporary calm.

In zaytsevo on the outskirts of Gorlovka recently came the relative silence. Military and civilian have the time to exhale and look around, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Small arms has not been canceled, so fire intermittently. If pluck, calm,” – said the soldier with a pseudo “Basalt”. The commander explains that the conflict is yet sluggish, the last shelling was here about a month ago, but people still recover from its effects. In anticipation of autumn and winter the homes of local residents were without roofs.

Videotitle dilapidated city looking for abandoned houses to survive the cold there

Without a roof over his head – in anticipation of winter. Residents of the frontline the city looking for housing for fall, because now people are after powerful attacks live in summer kitchens, some even without doors. To buy new people have basically no opportunity, therefore, forced to move into homes from which the owners left.

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Sofia Nikitenko with her husband in neighboring mykolaivka live in the summer kitchen, where you dragged all that I know how. House broke in the spring, as you will have to spend the winter – is not clear. “Nothing left,” – says a resident of Nikolayevka. Stefania Kutsenko has just completed the repair, as during the shelling the house just collapsed to pieces. Lives now in the kitchen and is not, as one without a husband will have to support themselves in the winter.

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The last room is guarded by Karat – closes all of the locks, and leaves only a light cloth covered lamp. Less fortunate – depends on humanitarian missions and local authorities. “The first source is left at home. People came,” – said the coordinator of the humanitarian headquarters “Snowdrops” in Maori Tatiana Koshel.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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