The national Bank predicted that Ukraine may get IMF loan

The national Bank predicted that Ukraine may get IMF loan

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The last tranche was received in the spring of last year.

Ukraine may receive the next tranche from the IMF this autumn, if the findings of the mission Fund, which will be located in Kiev, 6-19 September, will be positive.

This broadcast of “Radio HB” said the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleg Churiy.

“If the mission will be positive – if Ukraine will be able to negotiate with the International monetary Fund that we will be able to obtain a positive decision from the Board (of the IMF Board of Directors) in the fall, and fall we will, I think, to get the tranche,” said Curi.

The IMF does not give the next tranche of credit from the spring, because Ukraine has not fulfilled all the “homework”. In particular, have not resolved the issue of raising gas prices to market to the public. You should also review the current budget and “cut” spending to year-end deficit figure was in line with expectations. It is also important that will be in the budget of 2019, a draft of which the Cabinet shall annually submit to the Verkhovna Rada until September 15.

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“If the mission is successful, the date of the Board of the Board of the International monetary Fund. If the date of the Board will be defined, which means that with very high probability there is a positive decision,” said Curi.

Recall, the current program for increased funding of the IMF to Ukraine is completed in the spring of 2019. Kiev has already received 8.7 billion dollars from $ 17.5 billion under the program. Given the constant delays with reforms, Ukraine can count on in 2018 and $ 1.9 billion, not more, according to the national Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

Video settings Kiev will arrive IMF mission to resume talks with the government

The international monetary Fund will resume talks with the Ukrainian government in September. IMF mission to arrive in Kyiv in less than a month. Among the topics of discussion – the continuation of reforms and the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine.

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