In Poland estimated amounts that receive monthly Ukrainian zarobitchane

In Poland estimated amounts that receive monthly Ukrainian zarobitchane



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The majority of Ukrainians have a salary in excess of 18 thousand hryvnias.

Three quarters of Ukrainian workers in Poland receive a minimum of 2.5 thousand zlotys a month. This is roughly equivalent to $ 675 or 19 thousand hryvnia.

According to the company’s employment Personnel Service, 45% of Ukrainians earning more than 3,000 zloty, that is over $ 810 or 22.6 per thousand. Only 4.7% of our citizens receive the minimum salary 1550 Polish zlotys, on the Ukrainian money is roughly equivalent to the amount of 11.6 per thousand.

Videosa year migrant workers transferred to Ukraine more than a billion dollars

The national Bank of Ukraine set such currencies: the dollar is worth 27, 34 UAH, and the Euro – 31, 18 UAH. Two-thirds of social facilities and heat supply of enterprises ready for the heating season. 1, 2 billion was transferred to Ukraine this year, the workers. The largest share of transfers in our country have on the United States, Israel, Russia, Italy, Poland.

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According to the President Personnel Service Krzysztof Inglot, Ukrainians earn about the same as the poles. He noted that sometimes it may seem that the Ukrainians make more than the poles, but that’s because they are more willing to take overtime. From the point of view of employers, migrant workers are not cheaper than local workers, but more and more companies, given the problems with recruiting workers, tend to pay even more Ukrainians than poles.

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The costs of Ukrainian labor migrants is very small. Almost 90% of them spend less than 1,000 zlotys ($ 270 or 7, 5 thousand hryvnia). According, in the first quarter of the Ukrainians were transferred from Poland 2.9 billion zlotys (more than $ 800 million). The national Bank expects growth of remittances from labor migrants in the current year by 24.7%, to $ 11.6 billion In 2019 the proceeds from labour migration, experts predict, will grow.

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