As the rebels and the Russians shot the sea of Azov. Night report TSN with advanced

As the rebels and the Russians shot the sea of Azov. Night report TSN with advanced


The war in the East

Today, 20:53

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In the morning after the fire found dozens of Russian anti-personnel mines.

The Ukrainian military has recorded another proof of the Russian presence and war crimes in the Donbass.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

A dozen heavy ammunition in our direction. Battleship releases for some 7 minutes, and under cover of mortars disappears, leaving myself craters in the fields and broken trees. It’s almost like an natural felling of forests or the consequences of the fall of another of the Tunguska meteorite.

A single square meter in these fields, no, that was not iron. It is everywhere. Fragments and unbroken shells. The war on this sector never stops, day or night.

Here in the trenches opposite the enemy of the Ukrainian soldiers don’t dream. It is simply not sleeping. As if on cue, about 22 minutes on the heads of our defenders start to roll in grenade grenade-vogi.

Now they have a team one to hold the position. These trenches sprinkled with the blood of one soldier. So here the war continues for a short distance for every meter of Ukrainian land. And particularly head will not raise, because on the side the snipers are on duty.

These soldiers had no doubt who they are fighting. Weapons and ammunition that are found around the entrenchments, convincing evidence for the international court in the Hague.

Hell, after the night comes morning. All the guys examine themselves and the trenches. And what was hidden in the dark, now visible to the naked eye, the position of the enemy, and dozens of anti-personnel mines – the Russian. The war continues on the sea of Azov, and not statistical, but real.

For more details see the video Ruslan Yarmolyuk.

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