Armed father who took hostage his four children, faces up to 15 years in prison

Armed father who took hostage his four children, faces up to 15 years in prison

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The children were released unharmed law enforcement officers.

Children in thrall to his own father. To deliver them, the Kiev police conducted the operation. The man took in hostages of four children and threatened the cops with a weapon. Police first tried to persuade him – he released only the eldest, 13-year-old daughter. To free her smaller sisters and brother, the security forces decided to take the house by storm.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

Video lapel cameras commandos to see them for a long time trying to persuade the 51-year-old man that on the other side of the door, to let go of their own children, who he held hostage. When we see that children from father – at a distance, take the house by storm.

Children endure at the hands and pass on to physicians, their father in handcuffs put in the car security forces.

After experiencing the mother of the children, Catherine says that it all began at dawn, when she and her children slept. Ex-husband Alexander, with whom they lived together, started to behave inappropriately.

“He took it, poured on my head a child that was there. I ignored it. He runs into my room, pours out on me sawdust, which the cat toilet is covered,” says the woman.

She only got out of bed – a man assaulted her.

“I stood up, saw him at me with a shovel runs, I doors popped”.

Alexander closed and took hostage of 4 children. Started to threaten with a weapon. Catherine called the police.

Videoprojektori conducted a special operation to rescue children from their own father

The special operation to liberate children from their own father a few hours lasted a residential district of Kiev. Law enforcement officers tried to persuade the man. But then took the house by storm.

TSN. 19:30

Today, 19:49

After police persuasion, the man agreed to let the eldest, 13-year-old daughter. In the street the girl managed to escape, admits: in the apartment it was scary because dad was acting weird and unpredictable.

“He started to brawl, to say something about the Soviet Union, to include loud music, dressed in military uniform, which remained with the ATO,” – says the girl.

The man had a gun, say police.

“He was wearing a bulletproof vest, metal helmet. He had taken a cold weapon, and two firearms,” – said the head of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko.

4 released after the storm, the children were examined by physicians, the youngest was hospitalized.

“The children feel normal. Their state of emotion and all. Health threatens nothing”, – says paramedic Valentina Yarovaya.

TSN is known that the detainee never worked, was engaged in fencing. A few years ago, 2 months were in the ATO, but the fighting did not participate. He served in a repair crew. Close admit that bouts of aggression and inappropriate behavior in the last time, he noticed more and more. This is confirmed by the neighbors:

“And drink, and the children mocked. I don’t know how she suffered. Even in the house people hear that he yells at kids.”

Informed for their actions people have got off with only fines. Today, investigators opened criminal proceedings. Behind bars he can spend up to 15 years.

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