Hollande in his memoirs described how Putin and Poroshenko were shouting at each other in Minsk

Hollande in his memoirs described how Putin and Poroshenko were shouting at each other in Minsk

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The book has already become one of the most popular in France.

The ex-President of France françois Hollande gave the light of his memoirs under the title “Lessons of power”. The book instantly became one of the most popular in the course of this week, the French gained more than 110 thousand copies.

As reported Week, the book in particular placed memories Hollande about the talks in Belarus in February 2015, when the leaders of France and Germany tried to stop the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas, where the fighting took place in debaltseve. “Vladimir Putin’s intention was quite obvious. He wanted to preserve its influence in the Russian-speaking regions and to weaken the Pro-European government in Kiev”, – wrote the then French leader.

Videotrans, Hollande said about the importance of holding elections in Donbas

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October 11, 2016, 23:56

According to him, the Russians strongly delayed the negotiations. “I quickly realized that Putin wants to win time and to delay the cease-fire at a later time to allow the separatists to surround the Ukrainian army and gain additional positions. Together with Angela Merkel we offer to resume negotiations in a narrow format, to abandon dinner and as soon as possible to start work”, – said Hollande. He noted that the German Chancellor is not afraid of Putin, because for a long time knows knows how to talk to him. But Putin did not stop attempts to intimidate Merkel, “mixing threats, compliments and memories.”

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“Poroshenko with Putin is constantly raised her voice at each other. The Russian President was so nervous that she began to finally threaten to crush the army of his opponent. It showed that the Russian troops in the East of Ukraine is. Putin caught himself and took himself in hand,” says Hollande. “Poroshenko relentlessly defended the sovereignty of his country, while Putin sought autonomy for the rebel provinces and wanted to delay the ceasefire for another three weeks. He was so inflexible that denied his direct connection with the leaders of the separatists, said if it could not decide for them, demanded that they consulted”, – the politician writes in the memoirs.

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8 may 2017, 15:14

Hollande said that the negotiations were very difficult. “At seven in the morning after a sleepless night, Putin will continue to cling to postpone the cease-fire later on. To achieve results, we argued the anti-Russian sanctions that have already proclaimed. He pretended not to understand or hear what we mean. In the end it was agreed that a ceasefire will come in four days, then withdrawal of heavy weapons and a prisoner exchange. The autonomy of the provinces was rejected. Suddenly Putin said that it is necessary to consult with the leaders of the separatists. Their emissaries are also in Minsk. Where? In some hotel or in the neighboring office? At least we never saw,” – said the French politician.

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Hollande says that Putin subsequently went ostensibly to negotiate with the separatists, but in fact comfortably resting in the hotel room, while Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko dozed off in the chairs in the meeting room. Two hours later, from the separatists allegedly came failure. “This time our patience is exhausted. Even the speech was not to accept defeat. We insist on an immediate date with the Russian President and find out that while we tried to sleep in the conference room, he got a job in a big office with a bed. He rested for two hours and had a fresher look than we are. Angela Merkel icily Putin promised long isolation. He hesitated and was looking for a way to win time. His goal is to weaken Kiev, hoping eventually to see the power team, more compliant to Russian interests and more distant from the EU. Most of all, he doesn’t want Ukraine joining NATO and receiving a weapon which could change the balance of power. Putin comes to call. After a few minutes he returned and reported that the separatists, the ones of which he spoke in the morning, they say, does not know them, agree,” – said Hollande.

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