Kiev has swept the rain: flooded streets and malls, and cars submerged in water on the hood

Kiyani fix the consequences of bad weather.

In Kiev today, may 4, continuing with thunderstorms, in some areas, the element causes great harm. Thus, in the area of metro station “Chernihiv”, on the street Kudryashova machine drowned in the puddles. Water comes up to the hood of the car.

In Kiev because of heavy rains flooded the streets of Chernihiv, on the animals In the capital was a heavy rain storm, resulting in many streets of the city formed streams of water.

Published Monday 4 may 2020

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Posted Avtomobilny Ponedilok Kyiv, 4 may 2020 R.

Also reports that the station “Heroes of Dnepr” was podtopleny shopping and entertainment center “Oasis”.

The weather is raging In Kiev, Heroes of Dnepr because heavy rains flooded the shopping center “Oasis”. #weather #Oasis #flood #Kiev

Published Monday 4 may 2020

As reported by weather forecasters, rainfall can be expected in Ukraine and on Tuesday, may 5. Sometimes even with hail and heavy wind, and today in the highlands of the Carpathians even was a lot of snow.