The dollar and the Euro started the rise in price of: exchange rates of the national Bank, the exchange, and black market

The U.S. dollar is worth around 27 USD.

On 5 may, the dollar and the Euro rose. The national Bank of Ukraine has determined the official exchange rates on Tuesday.

The US dollar rose by 2 kopecks worth UAH 26 and 97.

The Euro rose by 21 kopecks worth 29,50 UAH.

4 may exchange offices and banks , the dollar can buy of 27.15 at UAH, Euro – 29,60 UAH. On the black market the dollar sold at 27,10 UAH, Euro – UAH 29,30.

Recall previous forecasts assumed that in 2020 the Ukrainian economy will grow by 3.5-5%, inflation will be 5% (plus/minus 1%), and the dollar will cost UAH 27-28. On March 29, Cabinet approved a new macroeconomic projections for 2020: GDP – minus 4.8%, the average rate of U.S. dollar – 29,5 UAH (plus 1.5-2 UAH), the inflation – 8,7% (plus 3.1 per cent), unemployment of 9.4% (plus 1, 3%), the average salary of 11 thousand UAH (unchanged). At the same time, in the Office of the President predicted that in 2020 the Ukrainian economy will fall by at least 5%.

Due to the global financial crisis caused by the consequences of active dissemination of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, experts predict the fall of economies, including the Ukrainian. The updated baseline forecast Dragon Capital for the year 2020 foresees the fall of Ukraine’s GDP by 4% and the devaluation of the hryvnia to UAH 30 per dollar at the end of the year, provided that the quarantine measures will last until may (the average rate is expected to reach 29 UAH/USD, i.e. a devaluation would be about 11% to last year’s rate). On a less optimistic forecast, when the quarantine will be extended for a longer period, GDP could fall by 9%, and the hryvnia will drop to 35 UAH/USD. Under these conditions, we can expect the growth of unemployment. The world Bank predicts drop in Ukraine’s GDP by 3.5% in 2020. Also because of the epidemic of the coronavirus 65% of Ukrainian companies will not be able to meet their annual business plans.

The US dollar exchange rate of the NBU

The Euro exchange rate of the NBU