Undiluted Stanitsa Lugansk: why fighters don’t want to withdraw its forces in the Donbas

Undiluted Stanitsa Lugansk: why fighters don’t want to withdraw its forces in the Donbas


The US and Russia behind closed doors, talking about Ukraine without Ukrainians.

Breeding forces in the Ukrainian Donbass and further causing controversy and suspicion: this is a step towards peace or a new trap? After the Gold military and weapons this week simultaneously lit on another plot near Petrovsky. But in the Village of Lugansk, the third address, which agreed in Minsk – to withdraw Ukrainian troops until may, said the Ministry of defence. Because of the ongoing attacks by militants.

Well, the White house sent out this week to Moscow his messenger – to talk about Syria, about Ukraine. Do the allies the interests of ordinary Ukrainians in the front line, says the plot of TSN.Week.

Betrayal or victory? The withdrawal or retreat? Threat reduction, or Vice versa? The soldiers, abandoning their strongholds, are not engaged in complex issues. Only following orders. And soothe: the ten minute drive and here we are again. However, where is the guarantee that the enemy will not be nimble?

7 Oct. In the village of bohdanivka Ukrainians withdraw their forces a mile back. The same is done and the militants. Both sides armed people a bit – in Bogdanovka was quiet, even during the fierce fighting on other fronts.

Two square kilometers of demilitarized territory is the Armed forces of Ukraine and “Dnrovtsev” should control the officers of the Joint center for coordination and control. With the side in the Petrovsky – Russians. This, in Bogdanovka, Ukrainian. And OSCE observers on a permanent basis.

And fully even in this, comfortable, the front portion of the framework do not work. For example, they spelled out the point about round-the-clock stay of the OSCE in all three security zones. But the prospect of spending the night on the empty “the locomotive” does not inspire enthusiasm among the missionaries. Everything under the old scheme: come, fixed, drove, and said well memorized standard phrases: “All we’ll see here, you can read in our tomorrow’s report.”

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Demilitarized zone in Bogdanovka and before that it was a relatively safe place. However, those who makes peace on his own script, I need to be excused at all three sites. Under any conditions. A new peace plan with their signatures again seal not the ones who really affect issues of war and peace. The Ukrainian part of the Trilateral contact group began to suspect illegitimacy. They say, “who gave the right to several ordinary citizens with no official status with the stroke of a pen to decide the future of Ukraine?”. However, this right is granted by the President, appointed in may of 2015, the composition of the negotiators. One of these ordinary citizens – former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yevhen Marchuk – words to calm the public.

“They say that we leave the territory. Nothing we couldn’t leave and not leave, because synchronized breeding is the “de facto” in the language of the military redeployment,” said a participant of the Ukrainian side in the Contact group Yevhen Marchuk.

Another relocation, as they call the withdrawal Marchuk, scheduled for today, October 9. But following the demilitarization of the security zone, in the Village of Lugansk, had to be postponed due to the shelling by militants. By the way, they shot and another demilitarized zone on the outskirts of Golden.

“Not to postpone and cancel!”, – require numerous local activists who gathered today in the center of the Ukraine-controlled Village. The fire Gold, after which the Ukrainian troops did not react to violations of the new agreements gave people the moral right to assert that they are a deadly risk, even if the military will depart with at least one position.

But the challenge is not satisfied and militants. Because they partially lose control over the only crossing from the occupied territories, by a dilapidated bridge over the Seversky Donets.

“In this case the troops are removed to give the opportunity to fix this bridge,” – said Yevhen Marchuk.

With the fixation, obviously, will have to wait. On the eve of the withdrawal of forces in Moscow was visited by the US Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland. In many areas of U.S.-Russian cooperation is minimized. But not in the Ukrainian question. Nuland met the ideologist of the war in Ukraine Vladislav Surkov. About Ukraine, said Ukrainians, behind closed doors. The official theme of the talks – humanitarian and political situation after the withdrawal of forces. Everything else is a mystery.

“The purpose of the trip is to determine the steps that need to be done to achieve progress on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. That requires a real ceasefire, full and unlimited access of OSCE observers, the elections according to Ukrainian legislation, which meet the standards of the OSCE, and the withdrawal of forces and military equipment. And, crucially, a return to Ukraine control the border,” said U.S. state Department spokesman mark Toner.

In the conflict of interests on a world scale Ukraine is not a subject but an object of international politics. Rates go up like a rocket, and the players almost do not hide the strategic goals. Russia wants to pin responsibility for failure to comply with the Minsk agreements on Kiev. Americans and Europeans are to report to their constituents about the least formal end of the conflict in Ukraine. About red line for Kiev – the inability of the elections in the occupied territories because of the lack of control over the border – now says only Kyiv.

Meanwhile, the militants have conducted a preliminary election of candidates to the local governments. By its own rules. And, calling this show ideologically alien to the American term “primaries”, the occupiers claim that any of the comments from the OSCE was not.

Andriy Tsaplienko, Alla Hotsyanovskaya

Another breeding forces in the Donbass has caused controversy and suspicion

TSN. Week
9 Oct, 19:55

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After the Gold military and weapons this week simultaneously lit on one plot at Petrovsky. But in the Village of Lugansk, a third address, which agreed in Minsk, to withdraw Ukrainian troops can not yet. Said the Ministry of defence. Because attacks from militants still continue.