In Russia, there “temniki” regarding the manipulation of the authorities of five European countries – Reuters

In Russia, there “temniki” regarding the manipulation of the authorities of five European countries – Reuters

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In some countries, Russia’s influence has become so widespread that it challenged national stability.

Russia launched a secret campaign of economic and political measures, to manipulate in the five countries of Central and Eastern Europe, discreditied the liberal-democratic model of the West and wants to blow up transatlantic link.

This is stated in the report, a private American research group, writes Reuters.

Moscow cute politicians who seek to dominate the energy markets and other sectors of the economy, which undermine measures to combat corruption in an attempt to gain power in governments of Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Serbia and Slovakia.

“In some countries, Russia’s influence has become so widespread that it challenged national stability and Western orientation of the countries and Euro-Atlantic stability,” the report says 16-month study of the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington and in Sofia, the Bulgarian center for the study of democracy.

We add that the study coincided with the attempts of Russia to interfere in the US presidential election through cyber attacks and the emergence of the letters of the candidate from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. She said that the Kremlin is trying to help the Republican candidate Donald Trump to win election to the White house. The U.S. government has officially accused Russia of hacking. Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected accusations of meddling in the election.

Add that officials and former employees of the US state Department agree with the conclusions about the participation of Russia in Eastern Europe. “Putin wants to undermine not only the credibility of NATO and the EU, but the entire democratic Foundation of both institutions,” said a us official.

The official, who requested anonymity, said that the White house had ordered officials not publicly discuss the hostile activities of Russia. These measures according to him include bribery, propaganda, disinformation, the “accidental” murder of Kremlin critics at home or abroad. Russia’s actions in relation to the extension of its influence in Central and Eastern Europe are very different: they vary from contract to 12.2 billion euros for the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Hungary, which will build a Russian “foggy” and to the cultivation of Pro-Russian businessmen who get political office, and then protect the interests of Moscow.

For example, in Bulgaria the economic presence of Russia is so strong that on average 22 percent of GDP in the period from 2005 to 2014.

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The study proposes and ways of dealing with Russia. They include more attention to illicit financial flows and the modernization programs of the US aid.

Note that this is not the only study this year, which was devoted to Russia’s influence in the region.

“Russia has opened a new political front in Europe, supporting extreme right-wing against the liberal European Union,” he said in February, the Center for historical analysis and conflict research of the British research group.

The governments of Hungary and Greece openly sympathetic to Putin. The result of these sympathies is the fact that a significant “fifth column” in Western and Central Europe weakens the response to Russian aggression.

Recall that in Ukraine, the dislike of TV stations to Home will hit their wallets and Pro, books can generally prohibit to import into Ukraine. The Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada synchronously began to fight with an information offensive of Russia and its supporters bills.

Fine will now be for the glorification of the invaders, calls for the separation of the Ukrainian lands, the airing of representatives from the sanctions list, a movie about the Russian security forces, and the like. In the first reading the deputies allowed the national Council to financially punish the media for anti-Ukrainian propaganda. Supported the draft law of 250 MPs.

Europarlament will consider a resolution on countering the propaganda of the Russian Federation

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To make this plan next week. The authors of the resolution note – Russia is seeking to extend its influence and undermine the sovereignty of Eastern European countries. And this aggressive use of special funds, news agencies and broadcasters, public and religious groups, as well as social networks and Internet trolls.