Saved, froze and all in vain. The government zeroed the unused subsidies

Saved, froze and all in vain. The government zeroed the unused subsidies


After the new heating season, the Ukrainians promise to monetize unused subsidies.

The Ukrainians, who have a grant last winter and saved when you pay for gas and heat, all of the overpayment is cleared. This decision was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers, who angered people.

Why the government deprived citizens of the “heating savings,” reads the plot of the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

A new heating season, the Ukrainians came in with the new rules of granting subsidies. Last year the government called on those who have subsidies to save on heating gas. Therefore, froze, saved, and got a lot of rage, curses and sarcastic disappointment like “we have once again used”.

Particularly relevant this topic has become, once started the heating season 2016. In terms Ukrainians are not looking for unnecessary words, abused power, wished her “all the best” and sadly asked the rhetorical questions: “what do we do now?”.

Last winter, the Cabinet has provided every Ukrainian grant preferential 7 cubic meters of gas to heat one square of housing for a month. And assured us all that people will save, will not disappear, but will move to the next heating season. New heating season started, but the Cabinet changed its mind and annulled from the saved heat.

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“If a person will go to court to prove something, the prospects will be poor, because Cabinet from a formal point of view, did what he could do. He made such a decision, the decision entered into legal force,” – says attorney Michael Ilyashev.

The Ukrainians have not only lost their overpayment. This year, the government and even cut benefits for heating gas from seven to 5.5 cubic meter. They say that last winter was warm. While the calculations were carried out with an eye on extreme cold.

“In fact, we had two weeks of winter instead of six months. And second, social norms need to be adjusted and they were elementary overestimated because the calculation was taken past the heating periods, when the winter was colder,” explained the Director of Department of state social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko.

Benefits cut, the overpayment was canceled, but not completely. Now it is necessary to save for more or less warm months of the heating season in October and November. The government promises that all the savings will be taken into account during cold weather in December, January and February. That is a grant you can use within six months of the heating season.

And already the savings subsidies promise to monetize. But again – the Ukrainians, the hand will not receive all the money saved. Read more on the monetization of subsidies read on Dnia this link.

The Cabinet annulled saved cubic meters of gas last season

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A new heating season, the Ukrainians came in with the new rules of granting subsidies. The Cabinet revoked the citizens saved the heat. The Director of the Department of state social assistance – Vitaly Muzychenko told in detail about this and other changes in the provision and design of subsidies.