MP Pavlo Kostenko hiding from the court

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MP Pavlo Kostenko hiding from the court


The ICU group urged the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Pavel Kostenko (fraction “Self-help”) to appear in court and be responsible for spreading false accusations.

MP Pavlo Kostenko is on trial where he must act as a defendant at the suit of LLC “Investment Capital Ukraine” (ICU) regarding the dissemination of inaccurate information about the professional activities of ICU and damage to its reputation.

In may of this year, “Investment Capital Ukraine” (ICU) filed a statement of claim about protection of business reputation and refutation of unreliable information in the Desnyanskiy district court of Kiev.

We will remind, in April of this year, P. Kostenko on his page in Facebook published a Deputy’s appeal to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Commission on securities and stock market, as well as PJSC “Settlement center for servicing contracts in financial markets” with the requirement to provide information about transactions conducted by LLC “Investment Capital Ukraine” and PJSC “BANK AVANGARD” in 2015. In his address, he gave several examples of speculative, in his view, operations with government bonds, which supposedly led to a significant speculative income bidders.

However, none of the operations pointed out by P. Kostenko, neither LLC “Investment Capital Ukraine” or PJSC “BANK AVANGARD” was not involved. Accordingly, the information of the people’s choice is false.

1 Jul Desnyanskiy district court of Kiev was opened proceedings on the suit of LLC “Investment Capital Ukraine” (ICU) and assigned the case to July 29. However on the first meeting or re-meeting on 7 October, or P. Kostenko, nor his representative did not attend.

The court sent the P. Kostenko telegraphic notice of challenge it at the hearing, which will be held on November 25. If he continues to ignore a court summons and this time fails to appear at the hearing, the court will have every reason to begin in absentia proceedings.

But we still believe that the legislator P. Kostenko, representing in Parliament the interests of Ukrainian citizens, will appear in court, answer all questions and give explanations − whose interests he represented, bringing to the public’s attention false information; or provide proof outlined in your treatment of the facts.

The ICU group relies on public and transparent process.