In the Kiev zoo bears are preparing for hibernation and the deer – mating

In the Kiev zoo bears are preparing for hibernation and the deer – mating

Zoo switches to winter mode.

In the Kiev zoo animals are transferred to warm enclosures. Plus 15 – for them it is already winter. Under infrared lamps and hanging heaters basking turtles. From the street to the room they moved first. Inside is to heat to 24 degrees. Next to a bunch of stray rodents, cling to other reptiles. Zoo switches to winter mode. Heating included 10 days ago, says TSN.16.45.

“The zoo has its own boiler, so we can include then connect those objects that we need,” says the caretaker.

In the monkey firemen at full power. The batteries on both sides of the enclosures. Monkeys simultaneously jump, eat and entertain visitors.

The street plus five from the trunk as much as Smoking. But despite Indian elephant Horace walking on the street every day for 4 -5 hours. These animals can withstand temperatures to 0 degrees.

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Bears Potap and Nastya are preparing for winter hibernation and through the crack asking for Goodies. Brown bears have now a period of fat gain. A good supply of the subcutaneous tissue and fat will help to survive the winter hibernation, which they will come in December. So now much to eat. Lean fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits and honey.

In warm cages already hid the deer and giraffes. On stage – Zebra. But their countrymen, lions, more hardened in outdoor aviaries this pride walks up to severe frosts. Not afraid of cold weather and deer. They have it on the contrary the most active time – the period of lovemaking.

The zoo animals are transferred to warm enclosures

TSN. 16:45
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Under the heaters and warm batteries. Turtles, reptiles, birds and giraffes are already basking in the premises. Plus 15 for them is winter. Heating included 10 days ago. But the elephant Horace still walks the street.