How to issue the insurance policy

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How to issue the insurance policy

CTP is compulsory third party liability insurance, which must issue every vehicle owner.

Driving a car is inextricably linked to the risk of road accidents, therefore the driver must have confidence that the insurance company can be compensated for the damages. With regard to the insurance policy, it provides for the payment of damages to a third party (the victim), which relieves the driver from unexpected expenses. For example, it may be a situation where you cause to a pedestrian or passenger of another vehicle is applied to injuries, suffers the condition of the car that you hit, the damage to a building, various structures, downed animal and so on. Insurance to a third party in this case is guaranteed.

How to calculate payments insurance

Insurance policy, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Zaporozhye and all cities of Ukraine ignore not entitled, as we have said, this is a mandatory form of insurance. The payment amount of insurance will depend on several factors such as:

  • ·kind of vehicle, its type, the volume of the engine from passenger cars, passenger capacity for buses, loading capacity for trucks;
  • ·areas in which the car is used;
  • ·where the vehicle is registered;
  • ·period of use of the machine;
  • ·validity of the insurance policy.

That is, the amount of the annual payment for insurance will be different and it will depend from your vehicle.

What is required for registration

To issue the insurance policy, you will need your documents and also documents on the car including:

  • ·Ukrainian passport, identification code;
  • ·a certificate confirming that you have the right to drive vehicles;
  • ·certificate of vehicle registration (registration certificate);
  • ·technical coupon about the condition of the vehicle;
  • ·the documents that allow you to obtain insurance for certain preferential conditions (if you have them).

Depending on what company you apply for insurance, you can obtain a list of additional services. For example, it may be consulting and information services, services, car evacuation, technical assistance, fuel delivery and so on. The list of services varies depending on which company you contact.