Russia’s economy resumes its decline

Russia’s economy resumes its decline

The biggest fall recorded in the production of steel pipes.

After slight growth in August, economy of Russia once again demonstrates the fall. GDP of Russia in September in annual terms decreased by 0.7%, month-on-month by 0.2%.

Such data results the Ministry of economic development, RBC.

Rosstat reported that the rate of decline in the Russian industry in September, peaked in January 2016. The Ministry of economic development States that the General decline in the industry in September was 0.2% (compared to August). In August increased by 0.3% (compared to July).

Indicators of industrial production in Russia in September 2016, at an annual rate



Overall in the industry

Minus 0.2% (compared with August)


Minus 1.6%

The production of passenger cars

Down 3.6%

Production of knitwear

Minus 4.9%

Manufacture of footwear

Minus 9.7 percent

The production of iron

Minus 9.9 percent

Manufacture of steel tubes


Chemical production

Plus 2%

Earlier Russia has worsened the Outlook for the economy.