ProZorro and re-certification of police: the Council reported on its work

ProZorro and re-certification of police: the Council reported on its work

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According to the Secretary of the national Council, the reforms in the context of a hybrid war with the aggressor is a complex task, requiring new approaches and tools.

In the National Council of Ukraine reported about results of work of the project office and presented the report ” Monitoring progress of reforms in 9 months of 2016.

The report was presented by the Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Council of reforms Dmytro shymkiv.

Shymkiv noted that in the framework of anti-corruption reforms was launched the communication platform “Decorate” to ensure effective communication support anti-corruption initiatives. Also, September 1, 2016, the e-Declaration was adopted in permanent operation.

“Launched reform of public procurement. Through the use of electronic public procurement system ProZorro, more than 5 billion UAH. the released public funds can be used more effectively for priority projects in economic and social spheres. Growth in the third quarter amounted to 3 billion UAH”, – he reported.

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According to him, now developed and effectively implemented decentralization reform. In General, for 2016, created and conducted elections in 25 newly created communities.

“The total amount of projects – 953 million UAH. Just allocated 1 billion UAH. General Fund revenues 159 GSS has grown almost in 7 times”, – stated in the message.

Regarding the reform of the law enforcement system, from November 2015 to September 2016 continued certification of the National police. All certification took place over 68 thousand employees. More than 5 thousand it is not passed.

Regarding judicial reform in Ukraine, in the 3rd quarter of 2016 entered into force, a number of laws, including constitutional changes and “On judicial system and status of judges”. It is expected the adoption of two important laws “On the high Council of justice” and “On the constitutional court”.

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“Ongoing financial sector reforms. On 15 September the Board of Directors of the International monetary Fund (IMF) completed the second review of Ukraine’s implementation of the economic program supported by the credit of the eff (Extended Fund Facility Arrangement, EFF), and approved the allocation of the third tranche of the loan worth about billion for the year, the volume of deposits grew to UAH 200 billion. In the framework of the energy reform approved 199 local energy efficiency programs. Ukraine refused to buy Russian gas”, – said schimke.

Deputy head of the presidential administration noted that the reforms in the context of a hybrid war with the aggressor, the annexation of the territory and the occupation is a complex task, requiring new approaches and tools.

“It’s nice to see that the project approach becomes the main form of work in the state. Because the project is based on a specific result, has a beginning and an end, and also depends on the team of people who need to create a product,” added schimke.

He also said that the project office, the NSD will be divided into the Office of implementation of reforms (Reforms Delivery Office) and Office support of National Council of reforms. Office of implementing the reforms would report directly to the Prime Minister of Ukraine for quick and effective implementation.

A full report on the activities of the national Council of reforms in 2016 are available below: