The scandal in a front Bakhmutka. The head of the district accused of driving while intoxicated

The scandal in a front Bakhmutka. The head of the district accused of driving while intoxicated


The official rejected the accusations and throws the police following the political order.

The head of district administration Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region Vladimir Bokhonova suspected of driving while intoxicated. About this TSN.ia said a source from law enforcement bodies.

27 October in the city of Bakhmut in the street of Levanevskogo, 4, police stopped the Nissan Juke, at the wheel which was Bokhonov.

According to the source, he had signs of alcoholic intoxication. Bojanowo suggested to be tested for alcohol content in the blood, but he refused. The police invited witnesses, was drawn up and released official.

At the same time Bokhonova a different version of events. In particular, he denied that he had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. According to him, the police stopped him unnecessarily.

“When they offered me [to be tested for alcohol], that is, wrongly told me that the smell of alcohol, I said, “please, we will pass the examination after you explain to me a reason to stop the car.” This was not done,” he assured Bokhonov, adding that he had not refused the survey, just didn’t want to do it with a device that was from the police.

Head of Department “Bahmut” and two of his subordinates were detained for taking bribes

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1 June, 20:00

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They took money from people for driving without a queue checkpoints Maori and Russian Federation in the ATO area. Sold and tickets for the smuggling. Criminals in its ranks found themselves the guards at the beginning of April. Two months recorded the facts of bribery with marked money and civilian drivers who helped in the investigation. When subordinates gave the commander his share, they were arrested by the SBU and the Prosecutor’s office.

The official said that the current situation is a political order to discredit the authorities. “We have a district Council, two thirds of which – the Opposition bloc, which is fully discreditied the Executive. Tries. And due to personal ties with the werewolves in police they had planned to do. What’s more – even a few days before stopping I had information that they were planning this,” he said.

Bokhonov added that knowing police officers in the execution of the order against him, caused on a scene the investigative task force of employees of internal security and has passed the drug certification in the addiction clinic. The official assured that in accordance with the prepared inspection certificate, he was not in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

TSN.ia appealed to the district police Department for review and confirmation that Bokhonov pass the test on alcohol content in the blood, but still got no response. At the same time, it is known that the police have video of the incident that would shed light on the events.

We will note that Vladimir Bokhonov, a former law enforcement officer. At the time of Yanukovych worked in Mariupol OCD. Later Bokhonov moved to Lugansk, where he worked as a Deputy chief of the organized crime control Department. After the Revolution of Dignity, he quit the force. In December 2015, the presidential decree was appointed head of the RGA Artemovsk (Bakhmut now).