Luxury apartments were sprouting like mushrooms: the reporters found the increase in income of the family head of the Chernobyl

Luxury apartments were sprouting like mushrooms: the reporters found the increase in income of the family head of the Chernobyl

Igor Gramotkin© UNIAN

The media conducted an investigation and learned of the family’s participation in tenders at the station.

Since 2005, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is invariably headed by Igor Gramotkin, which in recent years has become involved in several criminal proceedings. The journalists of the program “Our money with Denys Bigus” found numerous real estate family disaster.

In 2015, the police began investigating the firms that won the tenders of Chernobyl, and had to do the dismantling and decontamination of the equipment of computer room units. Under the version of militiamen, chosen by tender, OOO “Promoted”, “Metresurs” and OOO “Metall-SERVIS PLYUS”, periportal intermediaries 7 tons of equipment instead of his burial.

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In 2015, investigators conducted search in the house of the Director of “Chernobyl” in the framework of criminal proceedings on the verification of the tender for the radiation monitoring system. It is, according to the results of the tender, put the company “RK Project”. As noted, the co-founder of the company, at the time of the tender, was an employee of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – Alexey Chulkov. Wife Chulkova – Inessa – together with his ex-wife and father-in-law of the Director of the plant co – founded another company: “Slavutich-travel”. Later, a co-founder of “RK project” is himself a father-in-law Gramotkin – Leonid Howler monkeys. After that, the company will win the tender, the tender for the nuclear power plant filtration equipment.

It is noted that until 2013 Leonid Howler monkeys had no business. Director, CNPP claimed that his father-in-law was a doctor. After retirement at 63, Howler begins to win tenders on Chernobyl. In 2016, Leonid Howler buys an apartment of 195 sqm in a new building in the center of Kiev. Three apartments in the same building, a total area of over 350 sq. m., in 2016, buys recorded on Revunova “Slavutich-travel”. The total value of the estate about 20 million hryvnia.

Reporters found that the family Director disaster buys three apartments in Vyshgorod near Kiev. Two recorded on Yulia’s mother Svetlana, another on Gramotkin son from his first marriage – Philip Gramotkin. All three apartments were purchased in 2012, with a difference in one day.

Gramotkin at the same time assured that several months ago divorced Revunova daughter – Yulia, so since the divorce has nothing to do with real estate former in-laws. However, expensive apartments were purchased long before the divorce, and the tenders accepted at the time the incumbent-in-law of the head of the Chernobyl NPP.

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The Gramotkin has a house in rozhivka village in Kiev region. The property Manager of the power plant “gave”, but he doesn’t remember who. Journalists caught in the house, as if the former mother-in-law.

As you know, according to the law on prevention of corruption, the people with whom the declarer leads a joint life should be included in the Declaration. So Igor Gramotkin in the Declaration for 2015 would have to specify: mother-in-law, father-in-law and recorded on the property at least 10 million UAH. According to the document, in 2015 the salary of the head of the power plant is more than a million hryvnia. In 2016, the state auditors found that Gramotkin without the consent of the state Agency on exclusion zone management were paid premiums for 439 thousand UAH.