In Mexico urgently landed the plane because of the huge snakes on Board

In Mexico urgently landed the plane because of the huge snakes on Board

Amongst the passengers nobody has suffered.

On Board the Mexican airline Aeromexico passengers found the snake, causing the plane was forced to land urgently.

According to the Associated Press, the reptile appeared on the overhead compartment in the plane, which was flying from Torreon to Mexico city.

According to the Agency, among the passengers of the flight no one was hurt. After landing, the snake was isolated. An investigation was launched into the causes of the accident.

It is noted that most likely, the snake climbed into a suitcase, and later because of the noise got scared and got out.

We will remind, the program of BBC “planet Earth II” showed footage of the escape of Hatchling iguanas from a dozen of hungry snakes. Video footage led to shock thousands of spectators. The video was filmed on the island of Fernandina. In the video, posted online, is seen as the iguana that came out of the sand, began to attack dozens of snakes. The animal desperately started to run away from predators. Later they caught up with him and curled into a ball, but the iguana eventually managed to break out and escape.

Huge snake scared passengers by Mexican airliner

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Passengers filmed the reptile crawled out of the overhead bins almost on the heads of people. Fortunately, the plane landed in Mexico city, where the snake was caught and carried out of the liner. As she got on Board – explains the airline.