On Mariupolskiy militants deliberately beating home local, to intimidate

On Mariupolskiy militants deliberately beating home local, to intimidate

© The Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region

Invaders launch even “Grads” and some days do not stop to shoot at peaceful people.

Mariupolskiy suffers from attacks. The militants are beaten not only by our fortifications, but also to local, knowing that there military there. Thus the Pro-Russian mercenaries intimidate local.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

All run, journalists get on tiptoe to one of the positions. It is known that in these parts today was wounded one soldier. Here because of Dokuchaevsk enemy for several days directs heavy fire.

To make the Protocol attacks, war came to and observation mission.

“It was a lot and now we need to anchor these attacks,” – said the representative of the observer mission with the call sign “Alex”.

To go forward any longer. A few hundred meters away – is the enemy. So to see the crimes of the terrorists – the military continued to correspondents the secret path.

Up position is still far, but guys the same way and deliver water and ammunition. Also on the ropes they pull themselves even logs for dugouts.

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“The last days shelling technique can not drive. Well, in the backpack on the shoulders are bread. We have three days on the diet,” says APU fighter with the call sign “Beard”.

Attacks have increased because of the terrorists for several weeks as the replaced personnel mercenaries.

“They figure our firing points. Trying to figure out how much we have here personnel after the dismissal of the sixth wave, so constantly working intelligence group” – said the press officer of the APU Ivan Burdyuh.

For 300 meters, the enemy put up a Russian flag and not even try to conceal the squad went army personnel. Among the occupants get in and women. The mercenaries they say soldiers often work as snipers.

“In the new kimorah is not a hood, and a triangle. She lifted the triangle and the hair already to her shoulders,” – said the fighter with the Callsign “Kardan”.

For these guys, fortunately, not yet fired from artillery, here the enemy has other problems, but this sector of the front rather the exception. On most of the line of differentiation occupants do not stop to shoot out of cannon artillery. Start even “Grads” and some days do not stop to shoot at peaceful people. Krasnogorovka for several days shudders and military positions in the peace huts.

On the outskirts of Mariupol gunmen hit the homes of local intimidation

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 20:12

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On Mariupolska until they shoot from the artillery. Here the enemy other tasks. But this sector of the front is rather the exception. Most of the demarcation line invaders don’t stop to shoot cannons, trigger even hail. And some days don’t stop the beat and peace to people. Krasnogorovka for several days shivering and military positions in civilian homes.