The government recalled the reasons for refusal to grant, but I advise everyone to apply

The government recalled the reasons for refusal to grant, but I advise everyone to apply


150 thousand messages waiting for every week.

Almost 6 and a half million Ukrainian families has issued a grant for housing and communal services. After receiving the new payment for the rent for help 2 million families predicted in the government. A new wave the queue for subsidies in social security offices, like, ready. However, the Ukrainians complain about unreasonable denials and bureaucracy, says TSN.19.30.

In the hallway of the Department of social protection a small queue of those wishing to apply for a grant. The inhabitant of Odessa Sergey comes here not for the first time, but the subsidy issue and can not.

“In August last year, has already issued a grant, now lost somewhere, they say you need help to bring further”, – says the man.

Not everyone is ready to spend time on collecting and submitting required paperwork.

Volodymyr Groysman calls in the city and region with the worst rate of issuance of grants. The Odessa oblast and Zakarpatye graze the rear. And this is only the beginning of the human influx.

“More than 6.4 million of Ukrainian families receive subsidies. During the week we average 97 thousand families have addressed for the first time for subsidies, and this is not the peak,” says Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko.

The peak is 150 thousand cases weekly and will begin the hype with the first payment system of the new heating season. In Kiev customize the regions and ready to help.

Valery Petrovich, the pensioner. One thousand pension pays the rent – 2300 UAH. The grant was denied several times already. So you have to earn.

The government carefully resemble the reasons for refusal of the grant. Or your income is too high, or you got caught buying things at 50 thousand hryvnias and more. However, in the depths of the corridors of government develop the concept of monetization of subsidies. Economical will receive the money.

The idea of monetization of subsidies in the best case will begin to implement the next heating season. The current ask for discounts or split payments. They can be issued even in late winter.