The updated draft budget: higher wages, “free” drug and new costs on the GPU

The updated draft budget: higher wages, “free” drug and new costs on the GPU


The deficit of the main estimates 77.5 billion.

On the official website of the Verkhovna Rada announced the revised Cabinet of Ministers the draft law “On state budget of Ukraine for 2017”. In this the government proposes to increase the minimum wage to 3, 2 thousand UAH, to allocate half a billion hryvnia for reimbursement of the cost of medicines for treatment of certain diseases, 250 million UAH – on construction of a bridge in Zaporozhye, and the Prosecutor General’s office – further 364 million.

“Modified to the second reading the draft law of Ukraine “On State budget of Ukraine to 2017″ is balanced”, – stated in the explanatory note signed by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.


Revenues of the draft state budget for 2017 is provided in the amount of 721 billion 398,4 million UAH, including General Fund revenues – 669 billion 409,0 million UAH and special Fund revenues of 51 billion 989,4 mln.

The costs provided in the sum of 790 billion 393,5 million UAH, including expenditures of the General Fund – 735 billion 378, 5 million UAH and expenditures special Fund – 55 billion UAH 15 million.

The maximum volume of deficit of the state budget determined in the amount of 77 billion 547 million UAH, including limiting the amount of General Fund deficit of 62 billion 338,1 million UAH and limit the amount of deficit of special Fund of 15 billion 208.9 m million.

Subsistence minimum on one person counting on a month is proposed to be set at 1 January 2017 – 1544 UAH, from 1 may 1624 UAH, from December 1 – UAH 1700.

The minimum wage is proposed to be set in 2017, in monthly terms from January 1 – UAH 3200, and in the hourly rate from January 1 – UAH of 19.34.

“During the finalization of the draft state budget for 2017 for the second reading considered the government’s decision to introduce a minimum wage in the amount of 3200 UAH per month and the salary of the employee of the I tariff category unified tariff in the amount of 1,600 USD. For this purpose the bill provides for additional spending of around 28.3 billion UAH that will provide for the payment of higher wages to workers of budgetary sphere”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

Additional costs by 2.8 billion UAH for the implementation of the tasks identified in the Budget conclusions of the Verkhovna Rada, provide for:

– pay for medical services provided by clinics, research institutions of National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine 817,7 million;

– development and implementation of public investment projects subject to the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission on state investment projects – 629,2 million;

the recovery of costs for a nation-wide healthcare institutions (including children’s and TB sanatoria) that provide medical assistance to all regions of Ukraine – 477,3 million;

– support for the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine – UAH 364 million;

– state support to persons with special educational needs – 209,5 million;

– acquisition of medicines and equipment for the heart Institute and National cancer Institute MPH of Ukraine – 60 million;

– implementation of measures in the field of culture – 15.8 million UAH.

After meeting the Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine has further decided to provide for:

– reimbursement of cost of medicines for treatment of certain diseases – UAH 500 million;

– construction of a bridge in Zaporozhye – 250 million UAH;

– purchase of fire equipment – UAH 200 million;

– purchase of equipment for customs control 300 million;

– preparation of qualified workers in occupations of national importance – 169,6 million;

– the acquisition of the angiographic equipment – UAH 150 million.

“Additional costs have been foreseen to provide due to the increase of budget revenues, which was largely in part, of funds transferred by the National Bank of Ukraine according to the Law of Ukraine “On the National Bank of Ukraine” – UAH 4.0 billion; dividends – UAH 1.6 billion; revenues from raising the minimum wage to UAH 20.3 bn, including the state budget increased by 9.4 billion UAH, local budgets increased by 10.9 billion UAH”, – explained in the Cabinet.