Putin is allowed to supply gas from the annexed Crimea in the Ukrainian Genichesk

Putin is allowed to supply gas from the annexed Crimea in the Ukrainian Genichesk

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A city in the Kherson region is not connected directly to the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Henichesk in the Kherson region was back in the gas block. The city and the area is not connected to the system on the mainland of Ukraine, and therefore there is a deficit of blue fuel. In fact, the Ministry of Crimea of the Ukrainian gas is mined in the Kherson region and sent to a storage facility in the occupied territory of the Crimea, because there is no alternative storage. But then again the blue fuel supply to Ukraine.

“You need to help. Do the same (as last winter),” said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the self-proclaimed “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov.

Aksenov added that the debt for gas deliveries in Genichesk is 18 million Russian rubles (about 7 million). Putin ordered to negotiate repayment of this amount.

Gas from Russia in Genichesk began to put Saturday the 12th of November, about half past seven in the evening Kyiv time.

We will remind, this year in January the annexed Crimea three days blocked the supply of Ukrainian gas in Genichesk. Without natural gas remained more than two thousand subscribers in high-rise buildings and 400 private homes. But then the parties agreed. “Naftogaz of Ukraine” claimed that the gas which consumes Genichesk, is exclusively Ukrainian.

Comments on the current situation with the supply of Ukrainian side has not yet voiced.

Three days without gas have been residents of Genichesk of Kherson region

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Due to the lower pressure of natural gas in the network was disconnected two thousand subscribers. Problems arose due to the fact that the Ukrainian gas Schelkovskogo deposits are usually pumped into the vault, located on the territory of Crimea. But on 1 January of the new year, the occupation authorities Peninsula blocked the access to the storage facility. And has blocked 18 million cubic meters of the Ukrainian fuel.