Faith in the “Misha’s team” and the victory of Ukraine over Russia. That said Dekanoidze in the first interview to TSN.ia

Faith in the “Misha’s team” and the victory of Ukraine over Russia. That said Dekanoidze in the first interview to TSN.ia


The former head of the national police was convinced that major changes in Ukraine will be the sign of defeat Putin.

Khatia Dekanoidze has written a resignation. In the post she spent a little more than a year – it was appointed on 4 November 2015.

“Recently my Advisor and one of the best in our team reform… And today the new head of the National police of Ukraine! As soon as the Cabinet approved my proposal. I am very glad!”, post – Facebook, interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

During today’s speech to reporters Dekanoidze said that the reason for this decision was the lack of the necessary authority to reform the Ukrainian police. “My function is done. But unfortunately, my will and authority were not enough to implement changes. Therefore I announce my resignation. And consider it necessary in the shortest possible time to hold an open and transparent competition for the post of the new head of the National police of Ukraine”, – she said.

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According to her, in the asset, it can include the creation from scratch of the National police of Ukraine, the return of confidence in the police, conducting changes to the system, despite the lack of support and funding, the launch of the police in 32 cities and so on.

However, the former head of NPU named and what could not be done: the presence of losses among the personnel of the tragedy and the eradication of corruption.

10 Feb 2015 the then Georgian reformatory Khatia Dekanoidze answered questions during an online broadcast on the TSN website.ia. This was an exclusive conversation in which she told about his experience in Georgia gave the recipe of success for Ukraine and explained what you are most afraid of Vladimir Putin. She also stated that he considers himself a member of “team Misha” (Mikheil Saakashvili – ed.).

Answering the question about their experiences of changes in Georgia Dekanoidze said that could create the conditions for receiving affordable education, to eliminate corruption and to update the material-technical base of educational establishments, which was after the collapse of the Soviet Union in a terrible state.

Also Dekanoidze then told about his vision of the law enforcement reform in Ukraine. According to her, Ukraine needs to spend the maximum amount of reforms that will allow us to break away from the Soviet past and take the path of radical changes. As an example she cited the reform of the police.

In particular, Khatia Dekanoidze said that police officers should receive adequate fee that will allow them to perform their basic functions, to ensure that the families and not to engage in corrupt practices. She noted that in the early Georgian police officer earned not much – 120-150 USD. subsequently, however, the level increased significantly.

Former head of the National police of Ukraine at that time believed that Georgian reform experience is helpful. As the example cited successes in Georgia, Alexander Kvitashvili, who headed the Ministry of health of Ukraine, but in the end nothing has been able to achieve. It is also advised to maximally engage young Ukrainians and all those interested in the restructuring of the state.

That is large-scale and irreversible changes in Ukraine was to be the result of the fact that President Putin is defeated, the war against Kiev. Thus, according to Khatia, the occupation of the Crimea and part of Donbass should quickly be completed through international pressure and the United States providing weapons to the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine will win, when you become a fully European state, she urged.