The police of Kiev has promised to react in the case of attempts to seize administrative buildings

The police of Kiev has promised to react in the case of attempts to seize administrative buildings


Troublemakers will be detained.

Police Kiev is ready to act in case of Commission of provocations during rallies in the center of the capital. This was stated by the head of the Kyiv Department of the national police Andrey Krishchenko.

“The police will not interfere with the peaceful expression, but will act if will be a provocative attempt to seize state power or clashes with law enforcers. Keep”, – quotes “” his quote.

Also kryschenko said that operational information about the specific attempts to capture no.

We will remind, on November 14, Ukrainian security forces intensified work regime in connection with a high terrorist threat.

During the mass protest of 15 November has promised to block the center of Kyiv.

Earlier, the SBU reported that Russia is preparing for large-scale destabilization of the situation in Ukraine from November 15. About the beginning of the implementation of such a plan according to information taken from the mailbox of the Russian President’s adviser, Vladislav Surkov, say security forces. The purpose of the plan of the Russian Federation – the internal destabilization of Ukraine. It is an organization of early parliamentary elections in our country to bring to power and the strengthening of Pro-Russian forces in the new Parliament.

Fake protests and riots of Russian curators want to make 15 and 17 November – on the eve of the announcement of the final decision of the European Parliament on the abolition of visa regime for Ukrainians.

Because of the threat of terrorist attacks, the Metropolitan police and the National guard are moving to enhanced mode

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Provocation, according to the SBU, during mass actions, probably contemplating the Kremlin. Tomorrow morning, Khreschatyk will block on the perimeter will set the metal detectors will work cynologists, vzryvotehniki, the protesters, the guards will check your personal belongings.