Trump rejected the conclusion of intelligence about Russian trace hacker attacks in the US media

Trump rejected the conclusion of intelligence about Russian trace hacker attacks in the US media

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Obama before the end of the presidential term should figure out the details of hacker attacks.

Trump rejected the conclusion of the intelligence that Russia was behind recent hacker attacks.

It is reported by The New York Times.

It is therefore important that “the incumbent President Barack Obama, before he leaves the presidency, found out all the details regarding hacker attacks and decided how to punish Russia, to demonstrate the commitment of Washington to counter cyber attacks without further escalation of the conflict”, – is spoken in article.

However, the publication adds that the susceptibility of the Kremlin to cooperate with trump’s can be used for a useful purpose – to convince Russia to adhere to agreements on arms control and to return to the implementation of those agreements that the Russian Federation had violated.

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Recall that servers American Democrats have repeatedly become victims of cyber attacks. The hackers stole research about trump, as well as correspondence between members of the Democratic party.

The attacks, according to experts involved in the group and Cozy Bear Fancy Bear. Both groups linked to Russian intelligence. However, as the Economist wrote, Cozy Bear Fancy Bear and operate on different units of the intelligence services and, possibly, a certain time team did not know about the existence of each other.

The war in cyberspace: how the Kremlin spends millions to Finance hackers

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7 Oct, 12:26

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Wars are fought not only on the battlefield but also in cyberspace. A threat to national security – Ukrainians suffer from attacks of Russian hackers. What is the strength of the cyber-army of Putin, how much money the Kremlin is spending on its content?