Experts reminded the Ukrainians are the main rules of behavior in the fluctuations of the currency rates

Experts reminded the Ukrainians are the main rules of behavior in the fluctuations of the currency rates

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Problem number one – do not panic, because this ill-considered actions rapidly worsen the situation.

The fall of the hryvnia against the dollar in the beginning of this week was halted by the National Bank, which came out with the currencies on the interbank market and redeemed the excess demand. A few days managed to get rich, those who had foreign money and had to change them on the hryvnia at a high rate, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Ordinary Ukrainians explain the strange activity of the foreign exchange market is the fact that someone just wanted to make money and especially used tools to do so. At the same time experts claim that the reasons for the collapse there, and the credibility of the hryvnia collapses rallies, warning the authorities about the attacks and harsh statements by politicians in the direction of the national Bank. As the flame sparked and yesterday’s statements by the head of the NBU, which many viewed with caution. As a result, foreign companies started to buy foreign currency on the interbank market, and the population ran to the exchangers, seeing changes in foreign exchange rates.

Unstable national currency: whether to wait for the collapse of the national currency

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The torque again is losing ground. In the cash market only since yesterday, the dollar rose by almost 50 cents. In some exchange offices close to the mark of 28 USD. Swayed in the last days and the interbank market. The course here though almost half of the hryvnia less cash, but in the morning, too, climbed up. To save the hryvnia, the NBU took. Experts share their predictions about the future of the national currency.

To extinguish the panic had national Bank, which undertook to sell the currency. “We’ll see what the situation will be tomorrow. But in any case, our approach to market will not change. We are not saying that we do not make trgovanja for the course. But look for fluctuations, and if they reach certain values, we go to the market and extinguish them”, – explained the Director of Department of public markets of the national Bank Sergei Ponomarenko.

Experts disagree about whether the time the Bank came from the sale of foreign currency, or it was worth doing the day before. However, all the experts say that a serious collapse of the hryvnia is not in danger. This lead to much more serious factors – termination of cooperation with the IMF, the problems with exports, or the massive outflow of investment. And yet, and the current fluctuations is not too critical.

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Ukrainians also suggest to remember what they have experienced in the course of 40 hryvnia per dollar – and not the last role in this played a role panic. Therefore, ordinary citizens, experts advise not to buy dollars over the last of the hryvnia so as not to exacerbate the boom and the load on the Ukrainian currency, but simply to follow the events.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Romanyuk