From the conversation Poroshenko with the pranker threw all references about Putin – AP

From the conversation Poroshenko with the pranker threw all references about Putin – AP

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Tsigalko published quotes that are thrown out of the record.

A recording of the conversation between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian princedom long published, because mounted and claimed in the Kremlin. About this on his page on the social network Facebook wrote press Secretary Poroshenko Svyatoslav Tsigalko.

According to him, an audio recording published in a Network – mounted copy, which threw out all the references to the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“They edited the conversation, and even longer it argued in their heads of the Russian FSB and the Kremlin. What they published – mounted copy, which completely cut out the accusations of Russia in the occupation of part of Ukraine and the reluctance to withdraw its troops from our land, any reference to Putin and the fulfilment of their commitments under the Minsk agreements”, – stated in the message Tsigalko.

He added that the FSB mounted video just for Russians, so I threw out quotes that Russia has to pay dearly for the occupied Crimea and Donbas.

Press Secretary Poroshenko noted that in conversation with world leaders, the Ukrainian President calls Russia an aggressor and demanding the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine. However, the Russian security services are not prepared to tell the Russians about it.

“So they cowardly cut the conversation, taking out anything that may cause harm to the Russian authorities. By the way, the fact of the redaction of the conversation and is testimony that these are no “culprit”, and Russian secret services, which lead a hybrid war against Ukraine”, – he added.

According to Tsigalko, during the prank, not without the participation of Kyrgyzstan.

“The investigation revealed that, unfortunately, has not done without participation of workers of the foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan. Because they facilitated the conversation by providing contact numbers of the presidential Administration of Kyrgyzstan. And then, when it happened, a few days did not respond to calls from Ukraine”, – wrote press Secretary Poroshenko.

He also published part of the conversation that were most ottsenzurovan in the Kremlin.

“It is obvious that these phrases Ukrainian President is most afraid of the Russian FSB”, – said Tsegolko.

Quoted in the original language.

“Poroshenko: I believe that an awareness of the mistakes made by the Russian President, attacking our country. By the way, you say that we have not determined the status of aggression? He has always been determined.
And in the documents of the PACE, and the EU documents, and the documents of the G7 and in our relations with America. It’s everywhere already. But the problem is that whatever you call that act when on your site is there are 10 thousand occupation troops, when the number of tanks, artillery and systems of volley fire more than in the Bundeswehr in Germany, it loosely resembles a friendly tourist visit. So we tightly need to think about how we demotiviruet the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops and give us control over the uncontrollable part of our border with the Russian Federation. I am sure that this aggression all paid a high price. And your voice will be completely not superfluous.

“A. Atambaev”: Well, Putin? What he personally says? There to say that You are there to raise his voice or something, someone was screaming. In fact so?

Poroshenko: I’m the same person with considerable diplomatic experience and I keep my composure in the most difficult situations, so my voice was smooth and correct. But the content of the conversation. I actually asked to pick up troops and ceases to kill my people, but this was said calmly, smoothly. Well, believe that if you have every day, several wounded and very often killed the soldiers who killed the Russian sniper, then not to smile. And in this sense are now no no. Previously, he said he supports some kind of movement, now its hate in the occupied territories. People he deceived, the people suffer. And it’s not tens of thousands, as in South Ossetia, not thousands, as in Transnistria, and that’s 4 million people. And, Almazbek, this situation is such that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

“A. Atambaev”: Careful with him.

Poroshenko: I understand. We are all now hostages of this situation, but you just have to create a precedent when you start a war you can not, not to be attacked. And here everyone’s voice will be very important. And the fact I’m saying it in the world no one supported, is a cold shower, you know. And here we certainly have to make good coordination. Look, I am very grateful for the phone conversation. I think this is very important when we have… and to let you know that my door is 24 hours open. I would like to repeat the invitation to come to us. We differ great hospitality and I to prepare the visit is ready to send an appropriate delegation to Bishkek.

“A. Atambaev”: I’ll have my Minister to discuss these issues at the foreign Ministry.

Poroshenko: Yeah.

“A. Atambaev”: what I’m more interested in Crimea. First, I know this organization in America as terrorist. That this is probably the problem, that is nothing.

Poroshenko: What organization?
“A. Atambaev”: Well, of course there’s all consider it annexed. But “LNR/DNR”, they are unrecognized yet still. That this is your problem. And it is not clear that there with the election.

Poroshenko: No. First, they are recognized as terrorist by a number of legal decisions of the courts. And secondly, these organizations do not exist. That is, they exist only in the sick imagination of the Russian, because it brought puppets from Moscow. There is no election, no referendum there, were not. They are all painted. They keep on the bayonets of Russian weapons. And they beat each other there, stealing, murdering each other and people suffer. Here, the issue is not whether to recognize or not recognize. It is clear that in principle one does not recognize, but the problem is that Russia needs to evacuate its occupation troops. Russia should provide access to the inspectors of the OSCE, including the border. Russia should stop supplying arms and ammunition. For Russia, this is a great price! Crimea is worth more than $ 2 billion a year, and the construction of communications costs 2 billion And the maintenance of the occupied Donbas costs another 2 billion.. In the face of falling oil prices and internal difficulties, for them it’s, you know. They boasted that the sanctions do not apply to them, and today them already and Chechnya have nothing to contain. They cut the content, you know. Already pay the pension does reduce. Here is the price for that gamble. Who needs it? Russia has a little land? They don’t know what their lands to do so.

“A. Atambaev”: But if we remove them from there, how will you recover? It is also such a burden.

Poroshenko: If Russia will remove its troops out, we will recover, I think, 18 hours, maybe 24. It will all be done, because as soon as Russia will think that it will take your troops, here are a few of the hundreds of henchmen, killers that the prisoners were shot, rapists. And all, they immediately flee with them to Russia. They understand that they do not have the support of the people. And that’s when they run away, people will come and be met with flowers Ukrainians. This will all end. And we agree with our European and American partners that were allocated to the recovery of war-destroyed and looted infrastructure of the aggressor. Everything will be very simple, because…
Can you imagine what the unemployment rate is 70%, which is more than half of the children do not learn that a terrible situation is everywhere, from prisons and ending with the hospitals. That is, there is a humanitarian disaster. In this situation, why should people suffer? Because someone wanted to send troops. All the military, which previously came back for the big money, now, when I built a new army, fled from there.”

Recall, on 2 November on the website Poroshenko came the news called “the President of Ukraine has held a phone conversation with President of Kyrgyzstan”. It was stated that the parties discussed topical issues on the agenda of the Ukrainian-Kyrgyz relations.

In the AP of Kyrgyzstan has denied the information which appeared on the official website of the President of Ukraine and added that Poroshenko someone could play.

3 Nov from the website of the Ukrainian President deleted the message on his telephone conversation with President of Kyrgyzstan. Now it’s not on the website, but it remained in the Google cache.