Head of UNA-UNSO explained that the tires on the Maidan

Head of UNA-UNSO explained that the tires on the Maidan

Mazur denied the charges in the riots.

On Independence square in the evening blazed the tires. They had passed from the European square, in spite of cordons of law enforcement officers, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The attempt of activists to get to the center of Kiev with the tires turned into clashes with police. Clashes were short but intense. In support of the protesters from the Maidan, rushed a few hundred people. The events allegedly took part the representatives of “Automaidan”, “Right sector” and nationalist parties. The results of the collision some tires still managed to smuggle into the area. Their protesters torched under the stele of Independence.

“The situation was that the police wanted to block the way for those who bear tires. It seems to me that there are several groups who are trying to curry favor with the government. Bus is a symbol of the revolution. It’s not a mess,” commented the behaviour of participants in conflict, the member leads the UNA-UNSO Igor Mazur.

As previously reported, TSN.ia conducts live text commentary of the events on the Maidan in Central Kiev.

The TSN reporter Stanislav Feshchenko

On Independence square there were clashes of activists with militiamen: burning tires

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 20:03

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Activists of various organisations tried to carry tyres on Independence square. The police tried to interfere, resulting in a scuffle, intervened the National guard. Despite serious obstacles, the activists still lit tires.