Protesters smashed Windows of the savings Bank in the center of Kiev

Protesters smashed Windows of the savings Bank in the center of Kiev

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After the pogrom ostensibly office politics Medvedchuk, activists went to the Bank.

After the attack on ostensibly office politics Viktor Medvedchuk, the protesters went to the building of the Russian savings Bank in the area of Leo Tolstoy.

Protesters smashed Windows in the building.

Law enforcement officers surrounded the building and stand in a tight circle.

People gradually leave and return to Independence.

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We will remind that activists of nationalist organizations complain that the police were taken from the people of tyrewhich those tried carried on Independence square.

The day of Freedom and Dignity in Ukraine celebrate its third anniversary from the start of the revolution

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The main events take place at the Independence square and the alley of the Heavenly Hundred. Since the morning the whole city centre blocked to traffic. The city stepped up security measures, do not rule out provocations. The street got 6 thousand police officers. To honor the heroes arrived and the President. After his visit to the border and the frame immediately removed. Go to the memorial relatives, friends and concerned people.