Klitschko dismissed the head of “Kyivtransparkservice”

Klitschko dismissed the head of “Kyivtransparkservice”

© Facebook/ Artem Shamray

A special Commission will check its performance in this position.

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko has dismissed the Director of KP “kievtransparkservis” Artem Shamrai from 24 November to 6 December.

This is stated in the order of the mayor, transfers “Ukrainian truth. Kiev”.

The document also foresees the establishment of a Commission to check the activities of Shamraya as the head of the enterprise.

“The results of the inspection to write a report and submit it for consideration to the mayor of Kiev to 7 December,” the document says.

At the time of inspection the Director’s duties will be fulfilled by the Deputy Director for production issues Svyatoslav Miller.

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