The war in Donbas raised yesterday’s graduates of military universities of the chiefs of battalions

The war in Donbas raised yesterday’s graduates of military universities of the chiefs of battalions

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23-year-old guys on the front line became the Deputy battalion commanders.

Industrial zone in the town remains the epicenter of the fighting in the Donetsk front of the ATO, because those positions allow the Ukrainian soldiers to control the strategic road between Gorlovka and Donetsk, and it brings a lot of inconvenience to the separatists. Therefore, strongholds of the AFU shelled around the clock and small arms, heavy caliber, according to a story TSN.19:30.

To the activity of the enemy defenders of the Town are so accustomed that even in periods of long pauses between attacks are moved to positions not in full growth, to not suddenly become a target. The military and observed in optical sights of sniper rifles, and monitors, which give an image with drones. The place where the men began to dig a shelter, the enemy threw grenades because spotted operate the drone. “I fight 2014. Really, the fighting here is very strong,” – admit even to experienced warriors.

The hot spot of the ATO: Avdiivka industrial zone has become the epicenter of fighting in the East

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 19:54

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This is the front line of our defense and a painful corn for terrorists. From there, our fighters are in control of strategic road Gorlovka – Donetsk, militants unbearable complicate life. Not a day goes by in this area, which could be called calm. Small roll changing mortar whistle, are supported by heavy caliber artillery and tanks.

Army youth literally growing in the war. 22-year-old Artem says that in Avdeevka got the most experience during their stay in the ATO. A young fighter Andrew admits that together with friends in the first year of the war he graduated from the Lviv Academy of land forces. And now, all quickly grown in the following positions: 23-year-old boy currently is Deputy commander of the battalion. “My generation – it has not seen service in the army of peace. We have only seen fighting the army! This is the basis for the development of our army, even higher than NATO standards,” – said the young officer.

His senior colleagues, meanwhile, surprised politicians, who for the third year of nothing really to negotiate in Minsk. “Something to think about, something to do, because this end will not be”, – says 42-year-old Sergei. He wants high offices understood that every fighter from the front of the house waiting for a family. And dream in the trenches people about simple – for example, to see my old mother, who recently turned 71.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska