A resident of Pretoria have discovered a giant Cobra in a private restroom

A resident of Pretoria have discovered a giant Cobra in a private restroom

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Giant reptile and now travels through the sewer pipes.

In the East of South Africa, Pretoria, residents of multi-storey house found a poisonous Cobra, lurking in the sewers. It is reported by News 24.

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According to the resident of the house of Anton Meyer, the snake was found in the restroom of one of the apartments, however to withdraw her from the toilet and failed. After a failed attempt zmeelova to get a reptile, the Cobra went back into the sewer.

To protect tenants and to limit movement of the poisonous substance to another apartment, zmeelov recommended that all residents keep the toilet lid closed.

Earlier, in Mexico, on Board of a passenger spotted the snake Hantscho. In this regard, the plane had to make an emergency landing. Fortunately, as a result of incident nobody has suffered.

In the US, the serpent stole the woman’s phone

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23 Jun, 09:24

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The incident happened in Alabama, when the American tried to capture the reptile. The animal looks like is not very liked, and she jumped, grabbed the phone, threw it on the ground and crawled on. The owner of the gadget at first frightened, but then I realized, biting snake is not going to. And put video online, and she laughed, and others laughed.