Groisman aim to buy more gas in Hungary

Groisman aim to buy more gas in Hungary

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Meanwhile, Russia wants to sell gas to Ukraine at significant discounts.

The government wants to buy more gas Hungarian, and this was discussed at the meeting of Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Hungary Vladimir Groisman and Victor Orban. Prospects of energy cooperation, they discussed during a bilateral business forum, says the story TSN.19:30.

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers thanked his counterpart for the implementation of reverse gas supplies. Also thanks to them this year Ukraine ceased to buy gas in Russia. In addition, Groisman counts on the cooperation in the context of modernization of the Ukrainian GTS and impeding the construction of “Nord stream-2” bypassing Ukraine. “Our relations have a very important strategic significance. We appreciate it, understand and will endeavour to make these relations between our countries better,” said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

In addition, Groisman agreed with a colleague about the construction of the motorway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border and the opening of a new checkpoint. But Orban has promised to cancel for Ukrainians the payment for national visas in Hungary. Meanwhile, Russia said that Ukraine is ready to sell 1.5 to 4 billion cubic meters of gas. Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the current price of “Gazprom” for Ukraine is even lower than spot prices in Europe.

The Ukrainian government wants to buy more gas Hungarian

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Prospects for energy cooperation were discussed with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. Their meeting took place during a bilateral business forum. The head of Ukrainian government thanked Hungary for committing reverse gas supplies. This year Ukraine ceased to buy gas in Russia.