“Legitimate” again made itself felt: how social media reacted to Yanukovych’s speech

“Legitimate” again made itself felt: how social media reacted to Yanukovych’s speech

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Another statement by the ex-President became the subject of ridicule for users.

Stripped of the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference in Rostov. He told how he had asked President Vladimir Putin to send troops into Ukraine, and called Russian mercenaries in the Donbas as “volunteers” and called his biggest mistake that did not give orders to the army to disperse the Euromaidan.

In addition, he told horror stories about “8 Crimean buses that burned radicals”, and his numerous assets that were taken out from Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych called hand Luggage.

Users of social networks reacted to the statement “legitimate.”

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— Lentic (@oldLentach) 25 Nov 2016

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— Pavlo Rozenko (@RozenkoPavlo) 25 Nov 2016

Yanukovych: “to Answer the question?” Guzman:” You have already answered.” Yanukovych: “I already answered”

— Nataliya Vasilyeva (@NatVasilyevaAP) 25 Nov 2016

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— Andriy Teteruk (@a_teteruk) 25 Nov 2016

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But got crap out of mothballs.
A huge shit.

— Vitaly Portnikov (@portnikov) 25 Nov 2016

Nifiga hand Luggage, Viktor Yanukovych.

— Mustafa Nayyem (@mefimus) 25 Nov 2016

A short retelling of a press conference Yanukovych: Engels, baggage, the train of friendship from Moscow #Yanukovych

— Kristina Berdynskykh (@berdynskykh_k) 25 Nov 2016

At his press conference, Yanukovych justified “berkutovets”

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conference of Victor Yanukovych began half an hour late and just ended (ongoing). On it the President of the fugitive dodged the question whether he plans to return to Ukraine. Quoting Engels, Yanukovych called “Berkut” suspected in the shooting of people on Maidan, innocent. He promised another press conference – 28 November, once all will be to testify in court and refused to reveal what to talk about.