Step away from the situation, “goodbye, “Eurovision”. Kiev could lose the chance to hold song contest

Step away from the situation, “goodbye, “Eurovision”. Kiev could lose the chance to hold song contest


In holding “Eurovision” will allocate three times less funds than originally planned.

The success that has brought in this year, the singer Jamala, when they won on “Eurovision“, can become a problem and a shame for Ukraine. After 10 days of Kiev could lose the opportunity to hold major song contest of Europe.

December 8, Kiev must check on the preparations for the “Eurovision”. This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

Singer and videoblogger Ruslan Kuznetsov is a Youtube star and current leader in the number of auditions on the website of the National selection “Eurovision”. And, therefore, has a real chance to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest.

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To become a European star – is quite real. Ukraine is confirmed a second time. Now efforts Jamala Kiev will host the most prestigious song contest in Europe. We just need to go to the site to submit your request, and in February you can compete on stage next to the stars.

Recently, a huge scandal erupted, the main person responsible for the competition in Ukraine, Zurab Alasania resigned from the post of head of the National television company of Ukraine. Explained by the fact that “budget “Eurovision” no one believed. We do not understand the scale of the show and number of people must involve in the process.”

Already December 8 in Kiev will be the foreign Inspectorate, which will decide whether to take the right to host “Eurovision” in Ukraine.

“Ukraine has received a “red card” on the timing relative to the disrupting preparations for the “Eurovision”, – said acting General Director of NTKU Alexander Harbin.

Singing contest planned to be held in International exhibition centre on the left Bank of the capital. The building continues the preparatory and repair work. There in six months should appear press center on 1,5-2 thousand seats, a stage and spectator stands – they will accommodate about 8 thousand spectators. Tickets on sale – somewhere in a month.

“Did everything possible and impossible. In October, we caught up with the backlog from three months to one month,” says Harbin.

Explains that the reason for the backlog in the tender legislation, inconsistency of the existing legislation to the procedures that have been adopted in Europe.

Spend a little on near the IEC, really appreciate the state of things today – fly a quadcopter. The place is quite attractive – close to the Dnieper and good scenery. The so-called fan zone or Eurovillage will be the capital. Advertising on the contest are yet to see. From pluses – Parking like a lot. Nearby – metro. But the road junction is clearly a weak spot. Now decide the issue.

To do this, it will take a considerable amount of money – a little more than 450 million UAH. Half will come from the Ukrainian budget. Another half will allocate the capital.

“Kiev has voted a subvention for this year already allocated 50 million. Next another 150 million”, – said the Director of Department of culture of KGGA Diana Popova.

However, the previous calculation was the figure three times higher – 1 billion 200 million UAH. Enough now of third of and what it spends – is still unknown.

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“Not yet, not yet adopted documents – the action plan being developed now will be approved by the administration. Kiev is preparing the action plan fully, throughout the city: and landscaping, and transportation, and safety measures, of course,” says Diana Popova.

Do not get embarrassed if we find out in 10 days, with the visit of the Commission from Europe. Still dips was not with the “Eurovision-2005” no football “Euro-2012”.

“It’s impossible. The state of Ukraine will cope, “Eurovision” will be held in Ukraine in the city of Kiev”, – says acting Director General of NTKU Alexander Harbin.

“It should be a special “Eurovision”, – the singer and the winner of this song contest, Ruslana Lyzhychko.

For more details see story Ruslan Kharchenko.

Ukraine may lose the opportunity to spend the Eurovision song contest in 2017

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The main person responsible for conducting the contest in Ukraine, Zurab Alasania, resigned. On December 8 in Kiev will be the foreign Inspectorate, which will decide whether to take the right to host the competition in Ukraine. Alexander Harbin, the successor of Zurab Alasania, says that great strides catching up with the lost. Meanwhile, Kiev is preparing a complete action plan to conduct a major song contest of Europe. To do this, you need more than 650 million.