If not force majeure. Zhebrivskyi promised to restore water supply in Turecka

If not force majeure. Zhebrivskyi promised to restore water supply in Turecka


Residents live a week without water.

Water in Toreck Donetsk region can recover in two days. This was stated by the head of the regional GTSA Paul Zhebrivsky.

According to him, in the morning the sappers cleared the road to the site and grounds, and maintenance crews began work.

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“Today we have made all preparations. Tomorrow repairers proceed to the replacement of the damaged section. Need to replace 4 meters water pipe. At the same time, taking advantage of the ceasefire, our repairmen even eliminate some of the old impulses, made in the summer and autumn, which still had access to it. If not force majeure and surprises, two days will resume water supply,” wrote Zhebrivsky in Facebook.

The Governor added that the heat was still connect two houses. By evening, the heat must apply to the premises.

We will remind, the city of Toreck Donetsk region was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe due to the fact that a week there is no water. The supply of water to the city ended November 23, when during the shelling shell hit the culvert, connecting Gorlovka and Torick. Due to the lack of water in the city are closed kindergartens and schools, some districts of the city remain without heating.

The Russian side in the Joint coordination center for ceasefire (SCCC) has provided written confirmation of compliance with the ceasefire near the town for three days to restore the water supply.