“Not my KAMAZ”: users of social networks reacted to the questioning of Yanukovych

“Not my KAMAZ”: users of social networks reacted to the questioning of Yanukovych

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Users are actively discussed problems with the memory of the former President.

Questioning deprived the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his press conference to give social media users a new batch of jokes.

Among other things, users are vividly discussing problems with memory Yanukovych, who does not remember telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his godfather Victor Medvedchuk during the Maidan, and also the statement of the former President that “KAMAZ”, which he took out his property from Mezhyhirya, “not his”.

It is important not the content, but getting into the mainstream…#memes #Yanukovych #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/hqMHQOonkD

— Ariona (@ArionaBlog) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

“YA didn’T GIVE DORUCENI” (C) VF #Yanukovych

— chujowy Sevcik (@Evgeniyus86) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

“YA don’T KNOW f” (C) VF #Yanukovych

— chujowy Sevcik (@Evgeniyus86) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

“YA don’T REMEMBER” (C) VF #Yanukovych

— chujowy Sevcik (@Evgeniyus86) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Memo GPU:

Memo Yanukovych:

— GROM 034 (@bidjieff) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Yanukovych – one of nycrama stand up komku.
So razveselit I vodnochas znovu rozczarowa people at the Pres-Konferenz today.#Yanukovych

— Аndriko (@Andriko_) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych :the trucks not mine, no money and everything I have is all that I have amassed over the years https://t.co/Vc5zSWCcLM via @youtube

bad sweater (@camomile_msh) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych – “KAMAZ no, not enough money, a lot of lawyers”

— sometimes (@BuzaBuzoy) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych: “the Trucks are not mine and I don’t know what they can carry. These trucks are full on all the roads.”

— I’m Ukrainian! (@Ya_Ukrainec) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Celio day – the court procurori, obvinil… Yak nach in youth vernusa

— Viktor Yanukovych (@viyanuk) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Yanukovych pam at scho 20 2014 become a fierce rock. Don’t be Yak Yanukovych – don’t forget.

— Volodymyr Viatrovych (@viatrovych) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

They say that Yanukovych was not lying.
The order to shoot not he gave.
He simply handed over.

— Aunt rose (@ANAKOYHER) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Instead of becoming the new Dimitrov, Yanukovych skillfully put yourself epic, laboratory clean jerk

Armen Gasparyan (@A_Gasparyan) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Yanukovych: “the eagle” has exceeded the powers at dispersal of rally on Maidan. Betrayed his times, betrayed his two …

— Ilias Mercouri⚖ (@imerkouri) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

Op-PA! Former Minister Zakharchenko on layfnyus by phone: orders neither I nor Yanukovych beating is not allowed.
Well, sho, berkutnya? Threw you! ))

— Cat Behemoth (@fagot546) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych said that the first to judge those who wanted it legitimate, to kill
well, the shootings at #Maydan e the take, only human

— SLAVYANSK(@Slavyansk_UA) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

I magagr, Yak I arendovat. Chi I arendovat. #Yanukovych

— Matkowski Oleg (@Matkovskyi_OM) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych topic: “I don’t know, I am not pam I remember”https://t.co/gAvkB2OHNr pic.twitter.com/NxPTKpZ00L

Radio Freedom (@radiosvoboda) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

When I was in the air were raised fighters to hold me – #Yanukovych #Yanukovych

BROWSER (@obozrevatel_ua) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych is not pam at:
– number of victims of the Maidan
– 54 zvonki to Medvedchuk
– hto arendovat Meir I
his sadist
de prolidase pic.twitter.com/Edh6UyW1I2

Radio 24 (@radio24_ua) 28 Listopad 2016 R.

#Yanukovych with a smile, but in all seriousness, and under oath stated that was never brought to trial.
In the voice.
Videotapes Yanukovych is beneficial to him and the official Moscow, and what it is for Ukraine, it is unclear

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This was stated by Vice-President of the Union of advocates of Ukraine Petro Boyko. During this interrogation Yanukovych is not facing the penalty for perjury, so he can say what he wants to show his best side. Also, it can in a comfortable environment to accuse the Ukrainian government.