Life behind the computer. What to eat when on the break five minutes

Life behind the computer. What to eat when on the break five minutes

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If you are already hungry and ready to eat, we picked up some delicious options.

Often it happens that we eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the computer. Not that we are lazy to go out and spend an hour over lunch, we got used to such rhythm of life. When everything happens too fast, when time is not enough even for trivial things.

So the best way out – a quick snack without interrupting your workflow. Of course, the psychologists we do not praise, and a lot of stress will be off from work for a long time, and then again to get involved in the usual frantic pace. Of course, this rule works for all and not rather an exception than the truth.

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On the one hand, digestion is to rest and not recommended without stopping to load the stomach with a permanent task for the processing of food. However, on the other hand, the lack of snacking throughout the day can lead to overeating when at the end of the day you get to the fridge and consume its contents.

In any case, if snacking, you should do it consciously, and not under the influence of hypnotic seen Eclair. Snacks can liven up, add vitamins and strength for new achievements. So, if you are already hungry and ready to eat, we picked up some delicious options. It is possible that some of them will not be opening, and you might want to try something new.


Of course, we’re not surprised. And the pizza is pretty perfect as a quick snack, especially if you order it in the moment when you’re hungry and in advance. Or one slice of pizza is unlikely to do.


Many of the concept of “fast food” is associated with a hamburger and fries, and actually it is not so. This and a variety of sandwiches made as hastily and delicately cooked. In fact, there’s a whole variety – from sandwiches from the vending machine and sandwiches specially compiled home. Sometimes, as we have in the office, it can be even sandwiches with bacon and pickles.

Cream cheese with bread sticks

Another very quick and delicious snack – “Sirrom” from “Cheerful Cows” – crispy bread sticks complete with delicate melted cheese. It is not only delicious, but also convenient: in the bath on the one side you will find cream cheese, and on the other, also in a separate bath, ─ and crispy bread sticks. It is sufficient to simply dip in soft cheese crunch and then repeat again, and again, and again. Nyamnyam…


California roll, orange roll, green roll, Filadelfia, dragon red, dragon tiger, Yamata, Fuji – all this can be healthy and hearty lunch, also very fast. And it also should take care in advance. In 5 minutes you get a delicious meal, which the energy content is enough until dinner.

Vegan snacks

Nuts plus dried fruits. As a snack this option is best suited in a large gap between lunch and dinner. Should nuts and seeds to take negaranya and natural dried fruits without sugar and dyes.

Fresh vegetables. They are combined with all categories of products, so they can be fast and useful snack. Slice the cucumbers and red pepper, peel the fresh sweet carrot or a turnip, wash the cherry tomatoes and fresh radishes – and in five minutes you have a great crunchy snack.

Fresh fruits and berries. Also a great option for a snack, but only if after the last meal it took 3-4 hours for the stomach began to hate you. The same goes for smoothies that have fruit.

Yogurt, kefir, tea or coffee with cookies

We drink – tea, coffee, yogurt, juice or yogurt. And usually cookies or some other sweets. I don’t think there is a lot of writing, so we offer you to try something new (see above).