Lutsenko reported on high profile case of the top-corrupt

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Lutsenko reported on high profile case of the top-corrupt

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In 2016, the Prosecutor’s office returned to the state of UAH 8.6 bn.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, voimistelu to the edition “Censor.No” told about the most resonant cases of top corrupt officials, who soon will be filed in court or have already been considered in the courts.

“Never in jail not sitting rukovoditelyami, the economy Ministry, Naftogaz, nagovorili, a commercial Bank, state services. Staliniaegses nobody lets go, just the law worldwide suggests that in such cases can byteslog. The law I am still a member of the tried to change. In my opinion, the officials of the first category in cases of bribery the first four months to geliniarois in jail, that there was no effect on the witnesses. The Parliament did not accept it. Now, idempo procedures. In the end, glavnoe arrest to trial and sentence by the court. The first processes at the resonances of my period to the GPU just starts,” – said Lutsenko.

According to the information of the attorney General, upon completion of the investigation meet materjalidele accused the former Deputy head of “Naftogaz” Alexander Katsuba, a former head of the Pechersk STI Maltsev, will soon initiate the procedure the member ALL Greczkowski. Trials are already on delamax-first Deputy Chairman Nikolaevskaia Romanchuk, former Minister of justice Lavrynovych, former Deputy head of the Ministry Vasilishin, ex-Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Cornice, the former head and Deputy Podolskogneupor Nechiporenko and White. Recently necessary process for the ex-Minister of defence Ezhel.

“I expect legitimate verdicts in atenderam. As soon as current and former officials will receive real sentences – we livein a new and better country,” he said.

Overall, according to Lutsenko, this year procuratorial returned to the state 8.6 billion UAH, 58 thousand hectares of land, the court directed 1500 allegations of corruption, and 500 people removed from office. Criminal charges found guilty of 70 thousand people.