In Austria want the lifting of sanctions against Russia

In Austria want the lifting of sanctions against Russia

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According to the Vice-Chancellor of Austria, the EU is beneficial cooperation with Russia.

In Austria, spoke on the gradual abolition of sanctions against Russia.

This was stated by Vice-Chancellor of Austria and Minister of economy Reinhold Mitterlehner German newspaper Welt.

Mitterlehner said that the extension of sanctions has become a ritual for the European Union, but resistance to it is growing both in politics and in the economy.

“I’m for a gradual lifting of sanctions from Russia, in combination with the progress in respect of the Minsk agreements. Here I see that both parties are to fulfil their obligations, including in Ukraine”, – said the Vice-Chancellor of Austria.

Mitterlehner stressed that he is against increasing sanctions or introduce new ones.

“The strengthening of sanctions, we reject. It will do more harm than good. It makes no sense to continue to rotate the spiral of sanctions indefinitely. This is not conducive to problem solving, as shows the experience,” he said.

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Recall, Obama agreed with EU leaders to extend sanctions against Russia. The US President insisted that sanctions lasted as long as the Minsk agreements will be fulfilled. European leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama to discuss the issue of extending sanctions against Russia for its aggressive actions in Ukraine and possible new sanctions for the bombing in Syria. Meeting in Berlin organised by Chancellor Angela Merkel. It also involved the leaders of Britain, France, Italy and Spain.

Previously, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama discussed the importance of maintaining sanctions against Russiauntil the Kremlin does not fulfill the Minsk agreement.