McCain called Putin a thug, a killer and agent of the KGB

McCain called Putin a thug, a killer and agent of the KGB

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Putin is not the type of person that can’t be underestimated McCain.

Us Senator John McCain hopes that the elected President of the United States Donald trump to listen to advice and will pursue a policy towards Russia from a position of strength.

It is reported by CBS.

“I don’t know what to do with this, because it is clear that Russia intervened. Regardless, they intervened to the extent to affect the election of a particular candidate, I think that’s the subject of the study. But facts are stubborn things. They intervened in this campaign,” said McCain, speaking about the CIA report on the attempts of Russia’s influence on U.S. elections in favor of trump.

He added that he is concerned about the position of the trump against Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, Recalling that Putin is not the man to underestimate.

“Vladimir Putin is a bandit, a killer and agent of the KGB,” – he said – “… Let’s call Vladimir Putin what he is. Does this mean that you don’t have to deal with him or talk with him? Of course, you talk to him. But you must do it, as did Ronald Reagan, and from a position of strength”.

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Earlier, a group of 27 senators sent an open letter to trump, in which he called on the elected President to be careful in politics with Russiagiven its action in Syria and Ukraine.

Previously , the U.S. government has officially accused Russia of cyber attacks against the party organizations of the Democratic party during the presidential election campaign of 2016. At this statement, the Department of homeland security and the office of the Director of national intelligence was not accused the Russian government in an attempt hacking government systems of the voters.

Russia’s Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak stated that the States had not provided Russia with any evidence of their hacker attacks on American companies.

In early September, during an interview with Bloomberg Russian President Vladimir Putin “disown” the implementation of hacker attacks on the databases of the US Democratic party, they say, he did not know about this. And by the way, said that people should be interested in not the fact of burglary, and the contents of the information declassified bases. Meanwhile, it became known that the servers, which attacked the democratic party of the United States, was in Siberia.

Barack Obama instructed the intelligence of the country to investigate a hacker attack during the elections

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He is waiting for the corresponding report before the end of his term. According to U.S. intelligence, Moscow secretly helped the winner of the vote Donald Trump. Of the hand of the Kremlin in the election campaign of Washington, said two months ago. It was about hacking the mail server of the Democratic party and the publication of the correspondence of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.