The rent of the island and the breakfasts with giraffes. Journalists have told about the premium travel for officials

The rent of the island and the breakfasts with giraffes. Journalists have told about the premium travel for officials

Dmitry Dobkin© Groshi

Reporter undercover and got the Agency that was sent to tours of the son of Yushchenko and the fugitive Oleynik.

Journalists of the program “Groshi” decided to find out what the rest of the capital’s travel agencies are preparing for Ukrainian officials and how much are these VIP tours.

Recently the scandalous people’s Deputy Dmitry Dobkin directly in a sessional hall have planned a vacation over 135 thousand euros, i.e. 4 million. And let Dobkin senior justified for the brother, saying that this amount was for six, and the tour he didn’t buy, just looked, Ukrainians still was amazed: even at six, is more than 1600 Euro per day. For the money, you can organize a luxurious trip on the Paradise island of Bora Bora, or two weeks to ride with reindeer in Lapland.

After the launch of electronic Declaration about the sky-high expenses of MPs on holiday can learn anything – all the Maldives and Costa Rica, Safari and whale hunting should be reflected in the electronic records. For example, the Deputy of the “popular Front” Igor Kotvitsky traveled halfway around the world for shopping. Things bought almost 6 million. And where things did not buy, spent nearly $ 2 million. And the most expensive cost of a trip to the tropical Maldives Islands – almost half of his “travel” budget – 674,5 thousand hryvnia.

And if ordinary Ukrainians such a scale is shocking, the Agency of elite travel, including VIP tours is not surprising.

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“If our tourist wants a Safari – he will get Safari. If he wants individual Safari he gets it on an individual basis,” – says the Manager of a travel company Irina.

Not to name names – the first rule in this elite business. However, you can learn at least about the trends – what would the rich and famous.

“Popular safaris in Kenya, walking with lions in Mauritius. It’s Breakfast with giraffes, it’s hotels, which are aimed at eco-style. This uninhabited island. Of course, it’s all very exclusive and expensive,” – says Elena, Director of the travel company.

VIP-vacation: where and for how much will go to rest MPs

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Stay at the price of your apartment – luxury yachts, super cars and helicopters. Our officials and deputies know how to relax. Study travel trends for VIP-clients. Program Pennies will tell you, one of the deputies is willing to pay a tidy sum of money for the holidays.

Ordered at the travel Agency and the whole island. Rent is 35 thousand dollars.

But who is the real Pro in travel and does not hide it – so this is Ivan Liptuga -Director of the Department of tourism and resorts of Ministry of economic development and trade

“I used to travel a lot, I have visited 67 countries and all of his life and career in business before I came into public service. I travelled and was a maximum of 3 days per month in Ukraine,” he says.

On pages in social networks the official proudly shows pictures of different parts of the world.

Says funds for such a “tourist tour” earned when he was still a businessman. And now, in the public service, complaining – time for protracted trips is not enough.

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The people’s Deputy from BPP Andrey Vadatursky on camera boasted that the family likes to relax in the Alps.

“Well, I travel with the family skiing. I, as always, traveling abroad, in the French Alps. Not ashamed to say it,” – said the Deputy.

However, not all members of Parliament like to show off a luxury vacation. On camera, they readily tell us how to celebrate the New year in the area of ATO.

“This is the most unforgettable New year this was the area of the ATO”, – said the people’s Deputy Dmitry Andrievsky.

“Well, I think I’ll have traditionally. In 2015, on the front was”, – says Semyon Semenchenko.

To find out who the orders of the island and luxury penthouses, a journalist of the program “Groshi” went to elite travel agent without a microphone and camera under the cover.

According to legend, the correspondent the assistant to the MP, which really want to celebrate the New year in the tropics. Of course, everything has to be the most expensive and exclusive. And outsiders he doesn’t trust travel agents – you need a reputable recommendation, preferably from colleagues of the MP.

For each client in the Agency in the center of Kiev is taken by the whole team. Promised, here are organizing a fabulous holiday – everything to the smallest detail. From the color of the Wallpaper in the bedroom to the nationality of the chef. Start here prices for the rest of from 40 thousand dollars – that is million. And that’s without the cost no of flight.

However, even for recommendations to give out influential customers do not want.

“It’s confidential,” he told reporters.

They went to the second Agency. The most where himself looked after the rest, the people’s Deputy told. Here’s to pretentious used. Tour operator Elena intimates – these tours are they eating a very narrow circle of the elect, which is to say not accepted. However a secret tour Manager admits – was sent abroad first, although it was runaway, the powers that be.

“Oleynik we ordered… Son Yushchenko ordered,” she says.