Belous: In 2016, the state property Fund prepared for the privatization of about 300 objects

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Belous: In 2016, the state property Fund prepared for the privatization of about 300 objects

The state property Fund failed to make Ukrainian more attractive to foreign investors and to prepare for 2016 almost 300 objects for privatization.

About it in interview “RBC – Ukraine” said the President of the SFS Ihor Bilous.

“We have made facilities more attractive for foreign investors: the training advisors, the admission of foreign state enterprises, the possibility of pre-duediligence, international arbitration, the option of providing a Deposit in the form of Bank guarantee, personal consultants for all potential bidders, contact center for answers to the question. Transferred all the auctions for small-scale privatization (which is 95% of all objects) in the electronic exchange, introduced the “Dutch auctions” for the sale of surplus stock. Also completed work on a new law on privatization, which will simplify and speed up the privatization of state property. In addition, we significantly stepped up the preparation and sale of objects of privatization: for the year 2016 prepared nearly 300 objects (compared to 165 in 2015), spent about 1 thousand auctions (against 403 in 2015). For 2016 the SPF has sold almost 150 objects (in 2014, 102, 2015 – 121)”, – he said.

Belous also stressed the importance of the fact that the state property Fund began to operate fully transparently, opening to the public its databases and registries.

“Last year, our official website was recognized as the most transparent and informative of all the sites of government agencies. In particular, we uncovered a lot information about the Fund and state property, has made our public registers. On the website for the first time in the history of the state property Fund was opened for General public on base with 20 thousand leases. Now it is public information available to everyone. In addition, for the first time in Ukraine was made a full database designed to privatization and rent with convenient search by any attributes: name, location, activities, cost etc. It is very convenient, business representatives thus can find a location to buy or rent. Also created a fundamentally new portal where you can easily find information about all the objects offered for privatization and to apply for their purchase by going to the electronic platform of the stock exchanges partners,” he said.