Ex-sponsor of the “Batkivshchyna”: Balogh Azarov warned that confused with Tymoshenko will not be

Ex-sponsor of the “Batkivshchyna”: Balogh Azarov warned that confused with Tymoshenko will not be

Yulia Tymoshenko© UNIAN

They predicted that Yanukovych will take 15% more votes than her during the presidential election.

Former sponsor of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko Vasyl Danyliv said that he spent several million dollars to Finance his presidential election campaign in 2010.

He said this in an interview Dnia.

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Apart from financing, he also participated in the organization of elections in the West Ukraine.

“It was in four areas, where fragile was the position of Tymoshenko. Lviv regional organization had to break up before the election. Therefore, (Alexander) Turchynov asked me (Alexander) Shepelev, who must be a coordinator between us, to contribute to successful elections in the Western regions. I took that job, not to give the Party of regions completely destroy the “Fatherland”, – said Danyliv.

He added that he spent a lot of money for the campaign Tymoshenko.

“Several million dollars. But it was my donations. I wanted to be was President Tymoshenko. I’m the opposite, then the representatives of Yanukovych, Volodymyr Rybak, Viktor Baloga and Alexei Azarov has offered to quit the job, described Tymoshenko as a con artist, said that there is no sense from it will not… I was in a difficult situation. On the one hand, the regionals, I was offered a few places on the callback list in BP, leave my business alone (the export of Ukrainian electricity to Europe – ed.) and financial reward. I clearly said that everything is solved, it loses with a margin of 15%. And when she loses, I will be a big problem. But I promised Tymoshenko and Turchynov, therefore, stood his ground and did not betray them”, – said the businessman.

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He also noted that Tymoshenko warned about a long-standing cooperation Natalia Korolevska, the party of regions in Lugansk.

“On election night in hotel “Hayat” remained the nearest to Yulia Tymoshenko men – Oleksandr Turchynov, Joseph Vinsky, Alexander Ponomarev. And all the others began to run across with the “Hayat” in “Intercontinental”, which was the headquarters of Yanukovych. Just a race (laughs – ed.). We watched the race from the window,” recalled Danyliv.

He noted that Tymoshenko is in no way thanked him for such loyalty.

“We have met several times with Tymoshenko, Turchynov and Shepelev. In 2010, I left the Ukraine, moved to Prague, he created an organization that would protect the interests of the Ukrainian opposition in Europe. This organization is called “Ukrainian European perspective”. Office based in Prague in the street of Political prisoners”, – said Danyliv.

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We will remind, in 2010 Viktor Yanukovych with a three percent margin win in the presidential election with 48.95% of votes, Tymoshenko had 45,47% support.