In Russia opened the “Embassy of the Independent Republic of California”

In Russia opened the “Embassy of the Independent Republic of California”

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In 2019 the state will hold a referendum on secession from the United States.

In Moscow opened the “Embassy” American separatists demanding independence from the American state of California. About it reports “Vice News”.

The place is so nazyvaemoi dipuchrezhdeniya “Republic of California” located in the research center in the North-West of Moscow. It is noted that the “Embassy” was founded by the President of the separatist group, Louis Marinelli.

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According to the publication, the head of the separatists deny having received support from the Kremlin.

Marinelli is campaigning to hold a “Calexit” – a referendum on the proclamation of independence of the state of California. The vote is scheduled for 2019.

“We cannot become a country, just saying about it. Countries like Russia have that could help us, ” commented Marinelli’s decision to make Moscow the first foreign Embassy of the separatist group.

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