The most high-profile scandals, 2016: the film Onishchenko, “Ledger”, ETC. and garbage catastrophe

The most high-profile scandals, 2016: the film Onishchenko, “Ledger”, ETC. and garbage catastrophe

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Over the past year has been a lot of revelations Ukrainian officials in the withdrawal of money to offshore accounts and receiving bribes, but none of them the punishment has not yet caught up.

2016 became rich on high-profile revelations and political scandals. The so-called , Isolat hooked even the President himself, and after the publication of “barn books” of the Party of regions has opened a case against the head of the CEC Michael Okhendovsky.

Dnia offers to remember the scandals of 2016.

1. Film Onishchenko

The corruption scandal surrounding fugitive of the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, which unfolded since the summer, now claims to be the loudest this year. In fact, Onishchenko began to accuse of corruption of the President of Petro Poroshenko.


June 15, investigators NABU and SAP has asked permission to arrest MP Onishchenko, who was named organizer of the scheme to launder money by selling gas through the Ukrainian state enterprise “Ukrgazdobycha”. According to investigators, the total loss amounted to 3 billion UAH. Articles which are incriminated to the Deputy, provides punishment from 7 till 12 years of imprisonment.

How did “scheme Onishchenko” that businesses were laundering billions read on Tsna on this link.

Only a month later, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the removal of immunity from the MP. That is, Onishchenko had enough time to flee abroad, which he did. Now he is in London.

Recently, the case got a new turn. December 1, Onishchenko said that he has dirt on Poroshenko, saying that all conversations with the guarantor it is recorded on the built-in clock in the recorder. However, the records themselves, which, according to the MP, “is to dispel myths about gas case” until the court of public opinion are not presented. The MP said that he gave the record of us intelligence agencies.

Later Onishchenko also told the British newspaper The Independent about corruption surrounded by Poroshenko. However, the newspaper notes, the veracity of his statements could not be verified.

In turn, the NEB has registered a case of so-called films Onishchenko and expect him to provide materials for investigation. Meantime, without evidence, the statements of the MP called the attempt to transfer their case to the political plane, and to divert attention from its responsibility. It is noteworthy that in the absence of evidence the matter may soon close.

2. Offshore scandal

One of the biggest shocks in the political life of Ukraine has become a world scandal, dubbed , Isolat.

3 April Panama company Mossack Fonseca “leaked” documents that were the basis for a high-profile international investigative journalism about the award-winning owners of large offshore. The leaked documents reveals the involvement of many world politicians, businessmen and famous people of different professions to conceal huge sums of money in offshore companies.

Among fortuneately was spotted and Ukrainian politicians, particularly President Petro Poroshenko. The centre for the investigation of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) published an article “Offshore tax maneuver of the President of Ukraine“, devoted to the machinations with the company Roshen, owned by Poroshenko.

The President was justified by the fact that they gave the company in trust and is not involved in the management. And lawyers Poroshenko, in turn, assured that all the machinations of the company do not contradict the Ukrainian legislation. This does not exclude the fact that taxes from the sale of the company – if this ever happens – the Ukrainian economy will not get.

Also, in addition to the President, Isolate lit even a few tens of Ukrainians – the head of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, the ex-Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, owner Mohammad Zahoor, the sons of former Prime Minister Azarov and the regions of Ephraim.

3. “Ledger” of the Party of regions

At the end of may there was a scandal with so-called “black accounting” of the Party of regions – the list of costs on bribes to officials and politicians for the provision of certain services of the party. The total amount of funds spent during the years 2008-12 was about $ 2 billion.

Relevant documents to the NEB gave the ex-Deputy head of the security Service of Ukraine Victor Trepak. According to the head of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal, “Ledger”, ETC. were stolen in 2014, during the burning of the Central office of the regionals. However, it appeared for some reason just now.

Part of the “black accounting” for 2012 was published in the media. Among the names that appear in the “barn book”, as former and current MPs, former Ministers, members of the Central electoral Commission, executives of television channels, the heads of social scientists and spin doctors. In the lists there are names even the head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump and CNN host Larry king, who paid for an interview with Mykola Azarov $ 225 thousand

Then Trepak stated that as a result of the transfer to NAB of the above documents, the defendants in criminal proceedings could be dozens of Ukrainian high-level officials.

However, the case is still dragging on. In November, the President of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky stated that they did not have enough evidence. However, a week ago detectives still gave the same message to the suspicion – the head of the CEC Michael Okhendovsky.

4. The young in positions of responsibility


In November, Ukrainian society has stirred up the appointment of 24-year-old Anastasia Deev to the high post of Deputy interior Minister on European integration. First, the disturbance caused by her young age, and then there were reports of violations of the procedures for the appointment, saying that her candidacy was not coordinated with the relevant Vice Prime Minister for European integration, and the procedure went out of the competition.

See photo: TSN.ia has received exclusive photos and videos from the wedding new 24-year-old assistant Avakov

It later emerged that Yanukovych Deeva worked as an assistant Deputy Leonid Kozhara, who also made it to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, when he received a seat in the government Azarov.

However, this was still the beginning. After a few days the Network has surfaced Nude photos Deev, which caused a real scandal.

The Minister of internal Affairs was in defense of his subordinate. He assured that the appointment Deev passed through the Cabinet of Ministers, given the number of interviews and conducted special checks. In addition, Deeva has long worked on international projects in the group, which is coordinated personally by Avakov and Eka Zguladze. The results of the work they contributed Deyev as the leader for its professionalism and efficiency.

According to the Minister, the disturbing reality is that 24 – or 30-year-old for a number of functions in the interior Ministry beat a 50 year old.

As for the Nude photo Anastasia Deev, which began to spread in the Network, Avakov called the criticism of his Deputy bigotry. “Student not entitled to private photos? Hypocrisy. Or are you incorporeal, or asexual, moralize on bright clothes and Nude?” – wrote Arsen Avakov.

The Minister urged the society to give Deev time to demonstrate its effectiveness.

facebook/Anna Kalinchuk

In parallel with Deev interest was focused on another young official – 23-year-old Anna Kalinchuk. On her appointment, the acting head of the lustration Department at the Ministry of justice said the head of government of the Ministry Pavel Petrenko after dismissal from the civil service, said Tetiana Kozachenko, head Kalinchuk. The girl had to hold that office prior to the competition for its replacement, but in fact this did not happen – it was opposed by the Deputy Minister and the chief of staff Anna Onishchenko.

She Kalinchuk said that it did not intend to remain in the civil service and was planning to follow the example of his former boss. The resonance around her possible appointment, she in an interview with TSN commented:

“Resonance lies only in the fact that I am 23 years old. I think it is the psychological attitude of the people – a vestige of Soviet history. People unusual to see a young man in office. Apparently, people see on a post of the civil servant a woman in years with fluff and frill. For me it was predictable. Moreover, recent experience with the appointment of the Deputy Minister of interior, I was expecting such a reaction.”

5. Combat MPs

In this year of fights in the Parliament, it seemed, was less than last year. However, it is probably because the deputies were out their aggression outside the session hall of the Parliament. The title of the most active people’s fighter deserved Vladimir Parasyuk.

He, in particular, arranged a fight with a Deputy from the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul after filming a program on channel 112. Parasyuk waited for his opponent at the exit of the Studio, a fight ensued, which was separated by the guard. Later Parasyuk staged a verbal argument with the driver of the car Vilkul in the Parking lot. He also said that he intends to pick up the car for the ATO, then changed his mind and damaged the car.

Vladimir Parasyuk no regrets about the fight with Alexander Vilkul live

TSN. Wounds
23 Sep, 08:53

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Vladimir Parasyuk on the Facebook page commented on his fight with Alexander Vilkul. On the eve of live fight’s deputies Oleksandr Vilkul from “Poblocka” and faction Volodymyr Parasyuk. It all started back in the Studio with verbal abuse. And when the program ended, Parasyuk tried to break into the dressing room to Vilkul. Prevented security.

Earlier Parasyuk threw glasses in prosecutors in the trial of the participants of the fight in the resort Dragobrat. Also the controversial MP has initiated several scuffles in Parliament as MPs of the Opposition bloc and the BPP.

One of the most striking examples of the battering politicians was a fight between Yuriy Boyko, Oleg Lyashko during a session of the conciliatory Council. The MP from the opposition bloc did not like the accusations Lyashko, so he got up and hit radical face.

MP Boiko beat Oleg Lyashko at the conciliation Council

TSN. Pdsmi day
November 14, 23:34

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The leader of the faction “Opposition bloc” at the meeting in Parliament was hit in the face to the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko. Because the radical accused opublikoval in cooperation with the Kremlin. The second time with his fists on Lyashko Boyko rushed after the replica of the outgrowths of Yanukovych. What so has excited the usually unflappable ex-regions, refer to the material TSN.

Fought the deputies and women. So, Sergey Vlasenko obscenely cursed Tatyana Chornovil. Hearing this, Sergei Pashinsky decided to defend the dignity of the party colleagues with his fists.

New details of MPs brawl Vlasenko and Pashinsky

TSN. 19:30
8 Jul, 20:21

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First of Serhiy Vlasenko, said Chornovol, stabbed her colleague – Sergey Pashinsky. It was a response to foul language, voiced in the address of a woman MP from the mouth Vlasenko. Both Sergius – not only elected officials, but also former colleagues. Neither Vlasenko, neither the availability of a brawl in Parliament do not comment.

Despite the fact that MPs were less likely to solve problems by force, the trend still persists. The Ukrainians probably are happy, looking how the deputies beat each other faces, but I wish they also worked effectively.

6. Trash scandal

The garbage scandal in the Lviv region in the summer and exposed one of the biggest problems of the country, which are silenced, – the landfill is full, they poison the environment, and officials instead of trying to resolve the situation, and earn her a lot of money.

The question squarely put the incident on Gribovichi near the city dump, the largest landfill in Ukraine. On may 28 there was a fire waste. During attempts to extinguish the fire occurred landslides debris killed three firefighters and an environmentalist. Criminal case is investigated on the fact of arson.

See also: Junk “Switzerland”. The most dangerous landfills of Ukraine, which can repeated grabovica tragedy

Local authorities have decided to close Grabovetskyy dump, which moreover, was already overcrowded, it is not yet respected security measure. However, this led to a new problem – where lions do with their garbage.

City mayor Andriy Sadovy has proposed to revegetate the landfill and build a waste treatment plant. However, it requires time and investment is 75 million euros, which the mayor hopes to obtain from the European investment Bank. While neither reclamation nor the construction of the plant began.

Lviv regional Prosecutor’s office declared suspicion to the third defendant in the case Gribovichi dumps

TSN. 19:30
1 Nov, 21:39

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The head of the housing authority of Lviv city Council Yuri Char is accused of negligence that led to serious consequences. Today the official was released on personal bond.

By the way, the Garden calls the arson and further the message about “Lviv” trash in other regions, planned action against him.

However, the resonance around the tragic incident has forced officials to conduct inspections of landfills in Ukraine. However, the exact number of landfills can not even call in state ecoinspection. According to estimates of ecologists, now in Ukraine there are about 6,000 more or less institutionalized polygons and more than 35,000 illegal dumps. In General, piles of garbage occupy about 7% of the territory of Ukraine, and it is possible to compare, for example, with an area of Switzerland.

7. Scandalous buildings in Kiev

The capital, where construction scandals have long been a traditional part of life in Kiev, this year has stirred up two objects.

In late summer, the scandal caused the construction of the Mall on Heroes of Dnepr. Kiev began to discuss it as soon as you exit the subway station has a green fence which restricted the freedom of movement of passenger flow. However, the really big wave of indignation went up when loud construction night began to disturb the inhabitants of nearby houses to sleep.

Officials insisted that the plans for the building, no one kept it a secret, but for some reason, talking about public discussions of construction began only after the publicity of the situation in the media. Now the construction continues, the exits for the passengers is limited even more and made even less convenient.

The situation with the shopping and entertainment centre on Heroes of Dnepr demonstrates the traditional approach of government to developments – first, the developer is given permission to carry out works, and only then discuss their usefulness to society, and then only subject to mass indignation of local residents.

The chief architect of Kiev Alexander Svistunov in an interview Dnia assured that he intends to change this approach. However, a similar situation occurred in late November, with the building of the Theatre on Podil. However, in the case of theatre of outrage in social networks has caused not the construction itself and the building which was released from the temporary facade on 28 November. It was like black box.


Thoughts of both experts and ordinary people of Kiev were divided. Some believed that the theater building does not fit into the architectural ensemble of the Andriyivskyy descent, others supported the project developers, and lamented the inability of the perturbed towards contemporary architecture.

See also: Black theatre of contention. Everything you need to know about the scandalous building on Andreevsky Spusk

And again officials and the mayor Vitaly Klitschko, and the architect whistleblowers – assured that the decision about the appearance of the building can be changed after public hearings. At the moment there is no solution.

8. Apartment antikorruptsionera Leshchenko

In September of this year a scandal broke out around the apartment in a luxury buildingpurchased by the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko, a renowned fighter against corruption.

According to the MP, the acquisition of real estate for 7.5 million, there is no crime. Like, I bought it partly for their own savings (in 2013-14 the MP declared $ 100 thousand of income), partially took the money from topil’s’ke beloved Anastasia, and the rest borrowed from a friend and the founder of ck Olena Prytula.

The MP voluntarily provided the NEB to verify all the documents about his income and property. Checking capital apartments Leshchenko conducted in the NACP. And the results of the audit found administrative violations – a woman bought an apartment with a discount of 1.8 million UAH from the developer, which is regarded as a gift to the people’s Deputy. This violation is punishable by a fine of 100 to 200 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens with confiscation of a gift.

Ukrainian Pravda

Leshchenko protested this interpretation. They say, no discount, he did not receive and witness his negotiations for the purchase of the apartment.

However, the case is delayed. Employees of NACP was unable to provide the MP to review the administrative Protocol – the avoided meetings, therefore, gave the case file to the court. Lawyer Leshchenko said about violations.

He Leshchenko in an interview with TSN called the accusations an attack to discredit his anti-corruption revelations: “People who are objects of my anti-corruption revelations, thus they are trying to discredit the anti-corruption disclosures in respect of itself”.

9. A shootout between police

After the reform of the national police’s attention was riveted on the new COP in good shape and on a beautiful car “Toyota Prius” that they often beat in accidents. However, the accident police look a trifle on the background of the tragedy that occurred a few weeks ago.

On the morning of 4 December, the media reported a shootout between policemen in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region Brovary district, Kyiv region. According to official information, the Metropolitan criminal investigation Department worked to arrest a dangerous gang of robbers. In one of the houses is police-scouts, now in the neighboring house burglar alarm, the place there arrived a dress of public service of protection which noticed and detained two policemen.

Relatives of employees of civil service protection does not believe in coincidence of actions of militiamen

TSN. 19:30
6 Dec, 20:56

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Alexander Orlov, a policeman with 20 years of experience, I am convinced that his son just shot. Do not believe in coincidence and each Orlov, Sergei Batiuk. He says, from the body of his companion seized 7 balls, three of which were in the heart. But the General police protection Sergey Budnik convinced the Prince was a gunfight. Today in Brovary held in the last journey of the dead employees of the state security service.

The team decided that intelligence officers were captured by criminals and left in a van on the street, where employees of GSO detained the police-spies. In the end, between state protection and team skirmish, which claimed five lives: killed two employees of civil service protection, two police officers intelligence officers and special forces CORD.

At the moment it is not known who and for what reason was the first one to shoot. The investigation is ongoing.

10. Amber mafia

The amber mafia is one of the longstanding problems of Ukraine, to solve which were not taken no one of the officials. This year, however, the struggle for deposits of the stone turned into a gunfight between representatives of the “visiting” gangs and local miners in the Zhytomyr region.

Law enforcement officers began investigating the incident. However, the punishment in one case does not solve the problem of illegal mining of amber in General. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said, they are powerless against the mafia without appropriate legislative action, which could translate amber diggers in the legal plane.

In the Rivne region the stolen stocks of high-quality amber

TSN. Week
May 17, 2015, 20:10

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In Rivne we have a Klondike! Billions buried in the ground. Our Ukrainian gold – very high quality amber. Intelligent and honest owners would have to profit to the state budget.

But, as often happens in Ukraine with initiatives affecting the interests of high officials, prepared by the deputies the draft law “On the extraction and sale of amber” stuck in the Parliament awaiting its second reading.

And the fact that amber the mafia “protected” from the top, it became clear after staff conducted the GPU special operation in the region. In July in Kiev was detained by the Deputy regional Prosecutor Andrey Borovik and Colonel of the SBU is suspected of organizing a criminal group for illegal mining of amber in Rivne. Borovik a court decision is under arrest.

Obviously, Borovik was not working alone and probably had their own home. After the GPU allegedly beheaded amber mafia, it still continued its work. In September, the state border service reported about the detection of four sites of illegal mining of amber.